2011-10-27 – Beavers Halloween Party

This year we welcomed Edwards Beavers to our joint Philpott & Peacock Colonies Beaver Halloween Party. In total 34 Beavers turned up dressed as Ghosts, Ghouls, Vampires and Witches along with 9 Leaders who also dressed for the occasion.

Traditional games were played such as getting Doughnuts from a string using only their teeth, Apple Bobbing, Sweets from a plate of flour, Matching Spooky pictures and the ever popular Halloween Story game Oooh Spooky!! 

Spidery Cakes, Ghostly Biscuits, Creepy Crisps were all washed down with Witches Brew; and each Beaver had a Trick or Treat bag to take home. 

All good fun and nice to see all three Beaver Sections together.

2011-10-23 – 777 Blog – Day 7

Day 7 – London – Dartford Marathon:

Sunday 23rd October 2011 – The day MORE scouts came.

08:40 at Dartford Train Station heading for London and Trafalgar Square the start line for the last leg of the 777 Challenge.  Both of us stiff legged and more than ready for the culmination of the weeks effort.  The support team had grown yet again with a crowd of Scouts and Leaders travelling up with us boosting our spirits. On arrival at the start line we were met by yet more supporters.  The first 6 miles we were accompanied by Scouts from Early and Burne Troup who set off at blistering pace of 8 minute miles.  After looping around Oxford Street and Hyde Park we ran back into Trafalgar Square having already totalled nearly 7 miles.  Leaving our scout escort we continued across to the South Bank and through Docklands, for this stage I have one word and its painful.  We were met at the top of Greenwich Park by more runners and support cyclists as we pushed on up the steep climb of Shooters Hill, we were willed on by shouts of encouragement.  As we entered Welling, the 20 mile point, we were again joined by yet more scouts and leaders from the 5th Dartford.  Next we passed through Bexleyheath and Crayford cheered on by groups of supporters who stopped traffic enabling us to pass unhindered. By this point people from the local pubs and shops we passed joined the groups of Scouts on the streets cheering us passed.  We descended the final hill into Dartford the pace increasing as we knew the final stretch was ahead.  On entering Central Park we headed for the bandstand and at the finish line we saw the welcoming party and our hearts lifted, at 15:13 on 23rd October 2011 we had completed 7 Marathons in 7 Countries in 7 Days all but one of which was under 5 hours, not bad.

I would like to thank Darren and Matt our immediate support team, for their immense efforts, unwavering support and patience in keeping us going when we were fed up.  I would also like to say a big thanks to the 5th Dartford Scout Group for letting us use their banner to run under and the leaders, scouts and parents for supporting and running alongside us as well as all those who have backed us financially.

Brilliant effort and thank you.

Press……. please contact media@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk for high resolution pictures

2011-10-22 – 777 Blog – Day 6

Day 6 – France Marathon (Gravelines):

Saturday 22nd October 2011 – The day the scouts came.

After getting up at 0830 (a nice lay in!) we had a traditional French breakfast and after some confusion as whether to put coffeeor cereal in the breakfast bowl we moved to the town hall to meet with the Mayor and the local councillor.  Alain from the Gravelines’ Scout Group was an excellent host, providing us with free accommodation and arranged local Scouts and local media to be at the start of the marathon.  Scouts and leaders from the 5th Dartford Scout Group had also made the journey across the channel to run 6th leg.  Alain provided a car to escort us around the marathon route and led the way out of the town.  The car set off at an epic pace about 10mph and was quite cheeky to keep up with, but after a few miles we again settled into a lumbering stride and headed off around the docks towards Dunkirk.  One of the Leaders, Keith, ran the whole distance with us and provided a welcome relief and change of conservation.  It must be said that the scouts who met us in France really kept us mentally strong and they kept up a good pace keeping our minds focused away from the monotonous pain and the sheer boredom.  Finishing under the castle gates we had time for a quick drink with the supporting French and 5th Scouts then headed directly for the tunnel, England, home and the final leg.

Twelve of 5th Dartford scouts travelled out to Gravelines to support Alex & Malcolm in their penultimate marathon. An early rise at 5am was called for with the two cars traveling by Euro Tunnel to meet with them by 10am. It was fantastic that Alain had also enlisted the help of the Mayor, twinning committee as well as Loon-Plage scouts to come and support the start. The majority of the scouts ran the first 5 miles and then the last 5 as well, with Keith completing the whole marathon with Alex and Malcolm. The route finished back in Gravelines town square, where a well deserved rest and a lemonade was enjoyed before returning home. I understand from the scouts taking part that nearly 500 in sponsorship money was raised.

Congratulation to all…



2011-10-21 – 777 Blog – Day 5

Day 4 – Belgium Marathon:

The most miserable day so far began with a 6 hour drive from Germany to Oostende in Belgium.  Once into Belgium we headed straight to the sea front of Oostende with the intention of running the 26 miles along the coastline towards France.  Running along a seemly never-ending costal route made this leg the most mentally challenging of the 5 marathons so far.  It seemed impossible to visualise the end and this had a negative effect on morale throughout.  Progress was slow and I must admit that we had to stop to ‘get a grip of ourselves’ on several occasions.  During this leg we hardly spoke to each other and were seldom close together, preferring to focus on individual thoughts which seemed to be largely based around the pains in our joints and legs.  We finished in a very upmarket Belgium town called Neiwport for some chips and Overall it was good to get this one down and get on to France.

Sponsored Run Times – Sunday 23rd Oct

For those wanting to attend the start or even join in the first few km’s and take in the Royal parks, the 08:40 train from Dartford will arrive at Charring Cross at 09:30 giving you plenty of time to cross over and find the group in Trafalgar Square for the 10:00 start.

If you have not yet downloaded and filled in your sponsorshop form you can get one here: http://www.5thdartfordscouts.org.uk/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/upload/777%20Sponser%20Form%20Scout%20Runners.pdf

Alternative start points and timeline:



2011-10-20 – 777 Blog – Day 4

Day 4 – German Marathon:

As we departed from Austria and entered Germany it became apparent that a rapid change of plan was necessary, due to the time it was taken to get between cities.  It was decided that by moving to Bergen (Germany) and running near Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp instead of Nuremberg and switching Luxembourg for Belgium we would initially do a longer journey but then be left with much shorter time in the car. 

We arrived in Bergen at 03:00hrs left our kit and equipment in the car and with a quick shower, post marathon, retired to bed.  After a lie in and quick breakfast we kitted up and were ready to begin the German marathon by 12:30hrs.  At this stage, neither of us were keen to run but realised that the sooner we started the sooner we would finish, with this in mind we juddered into our stride.  The initial route out followed a painted line symbolising the walk that the Jewish communities made from there arrival at the Bergen rail head to Belsen Concentration Camp.  Quotes from survivors were painted next to the line which helped put into perspective our relatively small and temporary suffering.  This run was much easier than yesterdays as I think our minds are beginning to accept that our bodies are hurting and it is not going to change.  We are no longer excepting that we can not keep below 4 hours 30 mins, we did however manage to achieve 4 hours 33 mins, happy with that.

Current status – 4 legs in deeper stages of deterioration, 2 swollen and bruised ankles………….no scrub all that everything below the knees hurts!

2011-10-19 – 777 Blog – Day 3

Day 3 – Austrian Marathon:

We woke at 0730hrs and rapidly packed the car ready for the dash for the Austrian border.  Conscious of the large travelling distance between Vienna and Nuremberg we had chosen to run the Austrian 26 miles along the banks of the River Inn, the natural border between Austria and Germany.  This meant we had a 3 hour drive to the start line of the Austrian marathon then a further 3 hour drive to Nuremberg.  The Austrian marathon, our third in as many days was thoroughly miserable.  After the disappointment of the delays we had during the Prague marathon we were still keen to get another sub 4 hour 30 min marathon.  Using the www.runmap.net website the route was along the stunning River Inn toe path which gave us castles, churches, a mountain railway and a university town to rival Canterbury.  I hit my first serious wall of pain on the event so far on the 12th mile and every further mile was pretty cheeky.  To be honest I could not have been less interested in the scenery.  Without the help of Matt’s constant supply of nuts, jellies, mars bars and quick witted chat it could have been a different story but we finished on 4 hours 12 mins. Done, 4 left!

Current status – 4 legs in various stages of deterioration, 2 swollen and bruised ankles

2011-10-19 – New Investitures for Phillips Pack

Tonight, 3 members of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Edwards beaver colony swam up to cubs having completed their Chief Scout bronze awards.  Megan, Chloe & James were given a great send off by leaders Vicky and Kim and all their fellow Beaver colony members. The three young adventurers were then invested in to the Phillips Cub pack by Akaela Tracy.

Earlier in the evening the Beavers had made a banner to display on Sunday, when they welcome home Alex and Malcolm on the last stage of their 7 marathon journey accross Europe to raise funds for our new hall.

Sainsburys & Tesco Equipment 2011

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers  and Tesco for Schools and Clubs

We would like to thank everyone who helped collect the above vouchers for us this year. We sent off an astounding 12,742 Sainsburys Vouchers and just over 800 Tesco Vouchers.

We have now taken delivery of all the goods we ordered and look forward to making good use of the equipment in the following year especially as a lot of it was based on activities to tie in with the Olympics and so hopefully most of our members will be able to gain their Athlete or Sports badges as a result.

The Tesco vouchers came in particularly useful for craft items especially for the two new sections and we will be hoping to build on them again next year.

Auntie Beaver (Wendy Hurd)