The 5th Dartford Scout Group has arguably the best climbing facilities in the County, consisting of our horizontal bouldering wall, 28ft (8.6m) vertical climb (with overhang) and our newly constructed Ice Climb – built with the latest synthetic materials, which simulate vertical glacier climbing and, of course, abseiling.

With a team of qualified instructors, trained and assessed by Kent County and who’s permits are registered here, we are able to instruct and ensure the safety of climbers of all ages, experience and ability, the 5th Dartford climbing experience is second to none.

Necessary donations/contributions, which go towards the maintenance and upkeep of our climbing facility and equipment, will be calculated based on the number of climbers and the duration of the session, and will advised by our climbing co-ordinator when your booking/inquiry is received.

If you would like to book a climbing session for your Scouts, Cubs, Beavers or ESU, please compete the form below or for more information, contact Keith, our climbing co-ordinator:

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