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The Earley-Troop, originally simply named the 5th Dartford Scout Troop, was established in 1916 and renamed in 1986 in honor of one of the great 5th Dartford characters and contributors – Tich Earley, (See if you can find him in our History pages).

We would like to think of ourselves as a lively, robust and competative troop and have a lot of fun being land Scouts and benefit from leaders with many years of scouting experience, with many activity permits and qualifications.

Some of our regular activities include, but not limited to Climbing, Abseiling, Boldering, Rifle & Pistol Target Shooting, Archery, Pioneering, Expeditions, Games, Cooking, Fire lighting, Axe & Saw, Gilwell Winter Camp, Bisley National Target Shooting Weekend, Back Woods Easter Camp, Group Summer Camp and more recently, the National Scout Archery Tournament/Camp.

Membership is welcomed from boys & girls aged between 10.5 & 14, but Cub Scouts may start to link to us a few weeks earlier. We mainly have our folk join / link to us from the Leigh Cub Pack or Phillips Cub Pack, however we also have others who join directly, having never been Cubs or Scouts before. Upon reaching the age of 14 we look to complete any outstanding badge work and then transition their move to the next section – Johnston Explorers.


Earley Troop Leadership Team:

Paul Boreham (Group Scout Leader): Paul@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk
Kevin Wells
Andy Balfe
Gary Tuffee


Upcoming Events:

Anti-bullying Policy, Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

All members of the Earley Troop are expected to have respect for themselves and for other people. We have listed below the policy and codes that we have agreed with the scouts in one of our sessions. Parents or carers of our members are required to support these policies and to support the group, its officers and leaders in their implementation. The application of these policies and rules helps to ensure that everyone get the full benefit and enjoyment from membership of the Scout Association.

What we like and what we expect from our Leaders.

  • We expect our Leaders to share what they know and provide a balanced and exciting programme.
  • We want to do activities including Camping, Shooting, Climbing, Abseiling, Back Woods Cooking, Archery, Light Fires, Use Axes and Saws.
  • We want to Make Friends, Gain Experience, Learn Skills, be part of a TEAM and do all this in a safe and fun environment.
  • We understand and accept that in order to have the above, that we must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Anti-bullying Policy

  • We DO have respect for everyone as individuals, whatever their differences.
  • We DO take bullying seriously, it’s not “just a bit of fun.”
  • We DON’T accept any bullying behaviour including, but not limited to:
    • Name-calling
    • Physical violence
    • Threats
    • Being Left Out
    • Spreading nasty rumours either in person, text, email or on Social Networking sites.
    • Stealing, damaging or hiding other people’s possessions.
    • Any other way of making people feel bad.
  • We DO report any bullying we see, whoever it’s aimed at. It should be reported to a Leader or to someone else we trust like our Patrol Leader or a Young Leader.
  • We DO take someone seriously if they tell us they’re being bullied, and we also don’t watch others being bullied without doing something about it.
  • We DON’T just put up with bullying. We DO make sure something is done about it.

Code of Conduct

  • We DO follow the Group’s Anti-bullying Policy.
  • We DO have respect for ourselves, all other members of the Group and people who come to visit us.
  • We DO come to Troop Meetings regularly.
  • We DO wear our uniform respectfully, with pride and correctly for appropriate events such as flag break.
  • We DO keep our Scout Promise and abide by the Scout Laws.
  • We DO keep quiet if a Leader or Instructor is speaking to us and we DO listen to what he or she is saying.
  • When at a flag break we DO stand still facing inwards to the circle.
    • We DO remain quiet.
    • We DO stand at Alert or PROPERLY at Ease and without leaning against the wall etc.
    • We DO raise our hand and wait our turn if we wish to speak to the Leader in charge.
    • We NEVER shout out, giggle or talk amongst ourselves.
  • We DO keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We DO NOT push, pull, punch, kick, scratch, bite or physically abuse anyone else.
    • We DO NOT throw objects at anyone or anything else unless it is part of an authorised activity.
  • We DO listen carefully when rules of an activity are being explained.
  • We DO NOT lie or cheat.
  • We DO NOT deliberately cause damage or mess to property or equipment
  • We NEVER spit or swear.

Disciplinary Procedures

1. If a Scout is being disruptive or not following the Rules of Conduct he will be given an official warning by a Leader.

2. If unacceptable behaviour continues in the same meeting, a Leader will give the Scout a second official warning.

3. If the unacceptable behaviour continues in the same meeting, the Scout will be excluded from participation for the remainder of the meeting and his parents will be informed of the behaviour at the end of the meeting.  If the young person is unrepentant, a suspension from the following meeting may be issued.

4. A serious single incident (e.g. violence or threatening the personal safety of members) may also lead to an immediate suspension for the rest of that session and the next session.

5. A Leader will always notify a parent/guardian, informing them of the suspension.

6. On the occasion of the 3rd suspension of a Scout in any one term, the leader will consult with the Group Scout Leader (GSL) and request the young person be excluded from the Troop or indeed the 5th Dartford Scout Group.

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