2023-12-03 – Birthday Parade

This year we celebrated our 107th anniversary with our Birthday Parade on Sunday 3rd December. We converged at the hall at 10am where we formed up, and sorted out our colours to be presented, parading with our flags from the hall to the URC Church in Spitall Street, were we where warmly welcomed by the congregation. 

The service given by John was fun and informative as well as celebrating the first week of advent, with a lesson given by John donning a Professor hat and teaching the Beavers and Cubs how to build lego towers on firm foundations with the power of pray. Leo and Alex providing the readings, with the Explorers collecting the offering and the prayers. Paul the Group Volunteer Lead said a few words , thanking the church congregation for their warm welcome, the leaders for their time and effort, the youth members for their energy and enthusiasm, recognising the ones who had achieved their Chief Scout Award over the past year as well as Keith for his leadership service of the past 20 years with a ’Thanks’ badge. John kindly gave a free gift of a prayer stone as a reminder to all at the end of the service, along with a biscuit and a drink, then we had to say good bye and return to our hall to be dismissed in order to get lunch and changed.

The afternoon activity was at Gravity, Bluewater were all participants was provided with jump socks and juice to keep them going for all the ups and downs of the trampoline park. After the limbs were weary, face flushed and fun had by everyone it was time to go home reflecting on the past year of Scouting and planning for the next.