2013-02-13 – Phillips Astronomy

Tonight the Phillips-Pack cubs concluded their work on the Astronomy Activity Badge with a visit and presentation by local Astronomer, Mr Simon Dawes.  Simon kindly permitted the youngsters to look through his telescope and amongst other things, showed the cubs the relative sizes and scale of our solar system with models. The cubs were very well behaved and particularly enjoyed this activity.

2013-02-08 – Chinese New Year

Chinese-New-Year-2013-Snake-Calender-HD-Wallpaper-1080x617On Friday 8th February, the 5th Dartford’s Leigh Pack Cubs had a go at eating noodles and prawn crackers with chopsticks as they joined in a Chinese New Year themed evening – Year of the Snake. They also found out about the meaning of their birth year, coloured it in and wrote their names using the Chinese alphabet. They found out lots of fun facts about the meanings of the animals that their birth years represent, we had horses, sheep and monkeys. The Cubs had a great time and are now pros with chopsticks!

2013-02-07 – Silver Volunteer for Matt

Tonight, the Burne-Troop’s Matthew was presented with is Kent Scout’s Silver Volunteer Award.  Theses awards are worn on the bottom of the right shirt sleeve and in particular, the silver award recognizes Scouts within the County who have committed to volunteering in excess of 50 hours and Matthew is one of only 3 of the 5th’s Scouts to achieve this.  Well done Matthew, same again for the gold 😉

Any Scouts who have not yet started volunteering your time, please click here to see the requirements for the awards and to download the log sheet.

2013-01-18 – Peacock Snowman

As it was cold and snowing outside we got the beavers to create an indoor snowman using A3 sheets of paper, a black bin bag for a hat, cones and two plastic balls for eyes, stilts for the buttons, red counters for the mouth and a scarf for the scarf. Also, seeing as there were only four beavers they were put in charge for the day. They got to choose which games to play and ran them with all 7 attending leaders joining in. They were also put in charge of the horseshoe, leading the opening and closing songs.

Snowman (Medium)