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fbDid you know that the 5th Dartford Scout Group has a group on Facebook, which isn’t used by the current membership?  Come on Scouts, Explorers, Network and older members – have you nothing to say for yourselves?  Please keep it clean and fun, but asside from that it’s a forum for you the members to help stear our future or remember our past.  Go on have a go ;O)

2010-03-27 – Shelterbox Disco and Karaoke


It all started with a spark in Teds mind; one that we probably all feel………….  We want to help those in need, but where does the money thrown into buckets actually go?  Then Ted heard about ShelterBox; an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.  In short, ShelterBox is a family shelter and survival essentials in a box.  The Collins pack lead the way with young Angus walking to France – he walked continuously whilst on the cross channel ferry, which raised £100.  Fra baked her fingers raw making cakes and goodies, which she then sold to work colleagues.  The rest of the Collins pack then sold their services to parents for good deeds done in order to take their total to well over £400. 

raffleGSL Paul heard how well the Collins pack had done and wanted to jump on the bandwagon to boost the monies already raised.  A plan for a Karaoke-Disco was hatched and came to fruition with a great turnout consisting of faces old and for just £2 an adult and a quid-a-kid.  Maggie organised a well stocked raffle with some fab prizes and the decks were managed by Stu, Fra, Dibs and Adam.

The final total is not yet in, but I’m sure that thanks to your valued contributions we’ve far exceeded the £490 needed to get our ShelterBox off to where it’s needed at the earliest possible date – whatch this space……………


2010-03-26 – Earley Troop Investitures

promiseTonight 4 members of the 5th Dartford Scout Group, Sean, Christopher, James and Tom, made the final transition from cubs to scouts as they left the Leigh Cub Pack and were invested in to the Earley Scout Troop.  The ceremony was performed by GSL Paul and assisted by Dan, who will himself be moving on to explorers after Easter camp.  


2010-03-21 – Earley Troop @ Biggin Hill

spit2Today 13 members of the 5th Dartford Scout Groups’ Earley Troop, 4 leaders and family members visited Biggin Hill airport on a trip arranged by Keith Furlong.  We were shown around some of the airport including private planes, simulators and historic WWII buildings and bunkers by Air Scout leader Alan Piper and his knowledgeable colleagues.  Alas the day did not have enough hours to see and do everything we would have liked, so all being well another visit can be arranged in the not too distant future.


2010-03-20 – District Cross Country Run

cross countryToday saw members from all sections of the 5th Dartford Scout Group enter in to the  annual Dartford district cross country run.  Thanks to everyone who made the effort to turn up on a wet and windy day and a very well done to everyone who ran.  The group scores are now in and attached below, but as far as the 5th Dartford scout’s group are concerned, this is how we did: 

6-7                        1st place group                            5th Philpott Beaver Colony

7-8                       3rd place group                            5th Philpott Beaver Colony

8-9                       1st place group                             5th Collins Cub Pack

9-10                     2nd place group                            5th Collins Cub Pack

10-10 ½               2nd place individual                     5th Leigh Cub Pack

10 ½–12              1st place group                             5th Burne Scout Troop

12-14                   3rd place group                            5th Earley Scout Troop




2010-03-07 – Falcon’s Bowling Reward

bowlingToday the Falcon Patrol from the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Earley Troop went bowling at the AMF Centre in Gravesend.  The trip was arranged as a reward for winning the last Patrol Challenge, where points were gained for attendance, presentation, scouting challenges and games.  Alas 2 members were unable to attend, but everyone there had a great time and I’m sure the Falcons will try just as hard in the current challenge to claim another reward, but the competition is hotting up already.  Jack (top centre) pipped George (below centre) to win the match by just 1 pin.  Well done chaps.


2010-02-24 – Leigh Pack Silver Awards

Chief_Scout's_Silver_Award_(The_Scout_Association)Tonight not one, but two senior cubs from the Leigh Pack – 5th Dartford Scout Group, James O’Brien and Tom Hannah, met with the mayor, scouting dignataries and 31 other cubs from the district to receive their Chief Scout Silver award certificates.  There were many happy faces and proud parents there, but I suspect some of them could have been because of the complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits………… IMG_8398