2011-04-22 – Easter Camp 2011

33 Members from the 5th Dartford Scout group’s Earley Scout Troop, Burne Scout Troop and Johnston Explorers made the gruelling cycle ride to The Shaw’s campsite at last weekend for our annual Easter Camp. Friday’s weather could not have been better as we cycled in glorious sunshine although the heat did make the hill climbs a little tougher than last years overcast conditions. Dave organised a great programme with backwoods cooking for the scouts for their first evening meal, including the sourcing of the materials and fire-lighting.

Saturday saw the young folk taking part in orienteering, saw and axe, safe use of knives, fire-lighting, plucking chickens and preparing vegetables for Saturday’s evening meal and as a total surprise and delight to most, Collins-Pack leader Michelle Watts arrived with ice lollies for all and 5 cubs eager to see what the next level of scouting was all about. The cubs took part in the gathering of fire supplies and made dough “Twists” with raisins and chocolate chips, which they toasted over the fire, followed by marshmallows cooked the same way.  Upon departure, all of the visiting cubs said they were looking forward to moving up to scouts and we look forward to making that transition a reality when they’re old enough.

Alas the weather on Saturday, which until @ 15:00 was perfect, but fast changed (after the cubs left) in to a sustained deluge for over an hour with a lightening storm who’s epicentre was our campsite and a hailstorm with hailstones the size of large peas; and whilst this dampened our plans (and the fire we spent hours stocking) to cook all the chickens and rabbits in the embers, we had the trusty field kitchen and oven with which the fresh animals were transformed into a culinary delight, which was enjoyed by everyone. 

On Sunday the weather was again perfect and after a morning of games and activities, including an Easter egg hunt we broke camp, loaded the van and set off for the cycle home, which due to the hills being predominantly in our favor, was some 2hrs shorter than the outbound journey.

On behalf of everyone at camp,  a big thanks to camp leader Dave for his organisation and to all the leaders who gave their time and expertise.

Below are a few pictures from the weekend, but if you have more…………. please send to media@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk


We Collect TESCO Vouchers too!

We’ve now registered the 5th Dartford Scout Group for the TESCO vouchers scheme which is similar to Active Kids run by Sainsbury’s, but the difference being there’s more craft type items in the TESCO catalogue, which would be very useful to the younger sections.  So could you please let your parents know we’re now collecting both when you return after the Easter break.

There will be a collecting box down the hall next to the Sainsburys one but it really doesn’t matter if they get mixed up as I will empty them each week and count them as we go along.

Many Thanks

Teenage Cancer Trust – Leigh Pack Fundraising

Over Christmas, the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Leigh Pack Cubs decorated a tree for the Dartford Christmas Tree Festival.

The Cubs made and decorated decorations out of recycled materials to raise some money for a local charity.

John (Akala) asked the boys if they had any charities that they would like to raise money for, and one of the boys suggested The Teenage Cancer  trust, which has recently started a South East Branch.

I contacted the Teenage Cancer Trust and made them aware that we would be raising money for their very well needed trust. They were very helpful with our appeal and sent us banners, stickers, balloons and a collection box, which along with the Cubs decorations this made a excellent display for our tree.

This is a wonderful occasion, where the children get the opportunity to really show their creative side and enjoy a fun evening of design.

In the picture below, I’m sure you will agree that our tree really did have great effort spent on it.

When the festival was over, the collection pots where counted by the festival organisers and we received a cheque to send off to The Teenage Cancer Trust for £65.94 which is a fantastic amount of money raised for such a fantastic appeal.

Thank you for everyone who donated to this fund, I’m sure this money will go a long way to helping young people in our community with life threatening illnesses.

If you would like to find out more information about The Teenage Cancer Trust please click on the link below.



2011-04-08 – Update from Malcolm

We are now finishing week 4 of our conditioning training and I can feel that my general level of fitness has greatly improved. After the initial few weeks my hands have hardened and the blisters now all but gone. The rows have switched tempo from near hour long sessions to short sharp sprints of around 10 minutes. Although the monotony has gone the average time per 500 meters has dropped considerably meaning a faster pace and harder pulls. This is now compounded by the addition of sets. So each row has to be completed several times at the same pace. I have been adding extra training is to give a bit of variety, with a few steady runs and cycle training. I completed a 28 mile cycle today in 1 hour 20 minutes, giving an average speed of 21 mph. It is good to hear news of how the fundraising is going back home, as it gives me inspiration when digging deep to put the miles in during meal breaks and after work.

Regards Mal

2011-04-07 – Update from Alex

Just to let you know I’m now in week 6 and still getting on ok.  I have just recieved the T-Shirts and will try and get some photos out soon as I can get to a computer Ii can put external hardware into.  Feel a lot stronger and fitter now, although I’m very conscious that my running will have to be worked on at the end of the basic fitness phase.  Really we are using this to build us to a similar base level from which we can get stuck in to the rowing.  Very pleased that we have now got around £40,000 already and that is really good news.  

Many Thanks 

2011-04-03 – St George’s Parade

As well as the weather being kind to us, this year’s St George’s day parade was a fantastic day to show how large and successful scouting is in Dartford. As a group, the 5th Dartford Scout Group paraded all nine sections, with it being the first time that the two new sections (Phillips Cubs & Edward’s Beavers) have paraded with us. Despite it being Mother’s Day we had a good turnout, 109 members parading out of our total membership of 196. Thank you to all who attended and in such full smart uniform.

A few special mentions goes to the Edward’s Beavers who made their own flag once we realised that the newly ordered flag would not be delivered in time, as well to Connor of the Earley Troop who stood up and accepted the challenge of performing the main reading at short notice. 

Scout Association recognition: Assistant Group Scout Leader Lyn Medaclf was presented with the Scout Association ‘Medal of Merit’ which is awarded for outstanding service with keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period. Lyn has been at the centre of the Group for more years than I can remember; actively leading cub packs and instrumental in fundraising tens of thousands of pounds for our climbing wall and up keep of our headquarters.  Our congratulation and best wishes goes to our previous scout leader of Earley Troop, John White (aka Captain Carrot) who is still an active support member in the Thanet area who has been awarded the Silver Acorn and will receive at Windsor at the national scouting St George’s celebration. The Silver Acorn is awarded to individuals who has provided more than 20 years service, which is recognised as especially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding.

It is only a few occasions in the year that all nine sections meet together with them meeting on different evenings: Monday being Johnston Explorers, Wednesday Edward’s Colony & Phillips Pack, Thursday Philpott Colony, Collins Pack and Burne Troop, Friday Peacock Colony, Leigh Pack and Earley Troop. So it was a great opportunity to have a group photo for our current fundraising activities for 777.  We will ensure to send a copy to Malcolm and Alex sending our best wishes for their preparation on their endeavour which we will be invited to get involved with in the very near future.

Please pencil in your diaries the next few group activities: Family Camp 27-30 June, District Carnival 11th June & our AGM/Open day 19th June.


GSL 5th Dartford Scouts

Editors Footnote……………..  Modest as he is, Paul ommitted to mention that he was also awarded the Medal of Merit and on behalf of everyone at the 5th – Congratulations and thankyou to you both.

2011-04-01 – Leigh Pack Cub of the month

Tonight the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Leigh Cub Pack made Harry Steele its Cub of the Month based on his efforts throughout March, including his award for his efforts at the district Cross Country race, which finalised his work towards his fitness badge, which has now been presented.  Harry has a clear aptitude for sport and perhaps follows in his mum Rebecca’s footsteps who is running in the London Marathon on 17th April this year in support of Arthritis Care.  You can follow Rebecca’s training and sponsor her at www.everydayhero.co.uk/rebecca_steele

Well done to Harry and the very best of luck to Rebecca.