2018-10-25 – Beaver Halloween

Thursday 25th October 2018 was the date for this years joint Halloween party with Philpott Beavers and Peacock Beavers together.

Also invited were their parents and siblings which resulted in 40 people altogether joining in the usual Halloween games of Getting the doughnut off the string with teeth only, no hands allowed. Halloween picture matching for the younger ones. The Halloween story game for everyone in the hall and the traditional Apple Bobbing finishing with a game of musical bumps for children only.

This year we were lucky enough to have two special ‘Guests of Honour’  One of the first ever Philpott Beavers from almost 34 years ago Malcolm Medcalf and one of the first ever Peacock Beavers Ashley Hurd. It was great that they were both able to join us.

Everyone also got tucked into a Spooky feast of Pizza Fingers, Mini Quiches, Sausage rolls, etc  Skull decorated cakes and Fizzy Pop.

All the children were given Ghoulish Goody Bags to take home.

I would like to thank all the parents who turned up and joined in all the fun for being such good sports.

Auntie Beaver

(The Wicked Witch of West Hill)

2018-09-30 – Philpotts @ Oakfield

Saturday 30th September 2018 Philpott Beavers descended on Oakfield Park in the sunshine.

Firstly following a map to the Nature Trail where they searched for Cob nuts, Fir cones, Acorns, Conkers, Rose Hips, Blackberries and Fungi. Then they all had a go on the Fitness trail. Next was a walk around the allotments to see what vegetables were growing. All the while keeping a look-out for this years craze of painted stones of which we spotted at least eight different ones.

 A short Pit Stop for drinks and biscuits and a play in the Play Area.

We then went for a walk through the Church graveyard and the Beavers saw the gravestone of Paul and Emma the young Adults whose lives were taken along with those of our Ian ‘Eggy’ Edwards almost 20 years ago in an Avalanche in Scotland.

This was followed by a quick game of football whilst waiting for their parents.

Result 14 very tired but happy Beavers who got home 30 minutes before the heavens opened luckily.

Auntie Beaver