A celebration of a life – John White

Our thoughts and prayers with Marion and her family. A number of current and previous 5th Dartford Scouters celebrated the life of John White, who passed away after a short illness at the age of 86, at Thanet Crematorium and then with a reception at the Spitfire and Hurricane Museum, Manston. John and Marion retired to Palm Bay 22 years ago, but remained active volunteers with the Thanet Scouting Fellowship helping run District events, as well as part of the service crew at Marshside Camp Site as well as Spitfire and Hurricane Museum several days each week. Many 5th Dartford veterans will remember John from his 28 years of Scouting service with 5th Dartford & Dartford District totalling 50 years of Scouting. John was a good friend too many with kind, warm and supportive approach a true gentleman with a great sense of humour. 

Many good memories was shared between friends with recollections of of historic camps, activities and friendship along with John’s antics and sense of humour with one of my favourite being his fancy dress version of ‘Captain Carrot’. Farewell fellow Scouter, we shall truly miss you.

5th Dartford Scouters and Veterans: – Ted, Hillary & Sarah Essex, Jim & Maggie Lilleycrop, Rick & Sue Evans, Del & Wendy as well as Lynda  who started Collins Cub Pack in 1975 as well as the Brownsea Island Fellowship with John.

Kent Scouts Survival Camp 17-19May2024

12 Scouts from Earley Troop attended the Kent Scouts Survival Camp at Ross Wood Camp site, with a total of 48 Scouts taking part.

On the Friday they pitched their tents and made friends with all the other attendees, and then was introduced to the Kent County leadership team, who put them in their patrols for the weekend and then taken on an orientation tour of the wooded camp site. Hot chocolate and cake was provided during the briefing of what was to be expected over the weekend.

Saturday pitches were chosen by each patrol to set up camp, erect shelters and light fires. Knives skills where practice with making tent pegs and digging sticks, which were used to pitch the shelters. Then with steel and flints provided for the ignition system for fire all the tinder and kindling was collected by the Scouts with feather/fire stick coming in to their own to start their cooking fires. Once sufficient fire wood was collected supplies were provided of chicken, vegetables, along with fruit, biscuits and chocolate buttons as a desert. After a hearty meal, a game of Manhunt was in order until dusk, where all retreated to their shelters for the night.

Sunday fires were rekindled and breakfast cooked, and then for tutorials on First-Aid, Water Purification, Signalling and Hygiene prior to clearing away, ensuring that all that remained was foot print, and good memories.

The Scout Survival Badge was presented, along with an emergency whistle and para-cord bracelet already for knotting.

Jamboree on the Trail / TrailJam 2024

Saturday 11th May 2024 – Was the inaugural ’TrailJam’ event by new organisers after 25 years (1998 – 2023) of ‘Jamboree on the Trail’ as participated by numerous other Scouts all around the world https://www.facebook.com/Trailjamday/.

With the great weather, good company the Darent Valley Path which is one of Kent’s greatest hidden treasures of fine walking suitable for all the family was undertaken. With six Adult Volunteers, one Scout and one Explorers starting at Sevenoaks train station starting at 9:30 the procession begun, collecting other members alone the waypoints, finishing at Dartford Central Park at 4pm, 18 miles later.

By the end we had 14 adults, 1 Explorer, 5 Scouts, 8 Cubs and 10 Beavers from the 5th Dartford Scout Group.

Congratulations to all those who took part, with a special commendation to both Leo and Neil walking the whole route.