Easter Camp 2024 – Thriftwood The Village

With the incredibly wet weather we have had, it was unfortunate that a number of accommodation huts were decommissioned, however working with the camp site we were able to accommodate the Explorers in the serviceable village huts with alternative accommodation being provided for the Scouts in the Barcwood building by the fishing lake. 

Friday afternoon started with a safety brief on bushcraft tools: Open fires, Whittling knives, Axe and Saw followed by an afternoon collecting fire wood, creating an impressive wood pile from a recently felled old oak with marsh mellow sticks being fashioned along with an ember fire to cook the evening meal of beef burgers, beans and jacket potatoes. 

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Older Scout Expedition 4-5/4/2024

The six older scouts from Earley and Burne Troop approaching their 14th birthday/moving up to Johnston Explorers were provided with training to get them fully prepared for their Expedition challenge. These training sessions were part of the regular scouts evening as well as some additional sessions over a number of evenings: Badge requirements, Navigation, Route card, Menu planning, Shopping & food storage, Cooking, Expedition tent pitching, First-Aid and emergency procedures, Personal equipment, Packing a ruck-sack, Highway code, Countryside code, Risk assessments review.

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