2010-10-31 – Power Kiting

Today 11 Scouts and 4 Explorers accompanied by 4 leaders from the 5th Dartford Scout Group participated in a Power Kiting session run by the Kent Scouts Air Activities Team.  The weather was not ideal for this activity, with rain forecast and low wind speeds, but it was agreed that we’d try our luck and have a go regardless as we’d been looking forward to the activity and were eager to get stuck in. 

The team of knowledgeable instructors were excellent and within a very short time had our novice flyers at a competent and confident level.  As it turned out the heavy rain stayed away and for the most part, the wind was adequate.  Alas, there was not enough sustained wind for the buggies on this occasion, but then there’s always another time, which I suspect will be as well attended as today’s session.

Below are a few pictures, which show clearly how much fun was had by all on this excellent activity.

2010-10-15 – 34th NSARC at NSRA Bisley

NSRA Bisley – 34th National Scout Air Rifle Championships 15-17/10/10

WOW – What an experience!

That’s the only way I can start this blog………….

This was my first opportunity to take the lead role in a 5th Dartford Scout camp, which also had representation from the 9th in the form of familiar faces Jessica and Becky and for the first time Henry who was joined by his father Reg.

Notwithstanding the van suffering a broken gear linkage, we arrived as scheduled and unloaded our kit in the six allocated pitches in the middle of the Sergeant’s Mess field. Typically, it bucketed down as we finalised the setting up of camp, but that soon cleared and we awoke on Saturday to a mostly dry and sunny day, which if a little windy, was not too cold.

Sunday however, was a different kettle of fish, with overnight temperatures dropping well below zero, leaving ice all over the tents, which soon thawed out in the Sunday sunshine.  The competition was, as usual, organised with military precision, with @ 800 competitors of varying ability shooting side by side in the Knockout, 6yd Rifles, 6yd pistols and Field Targets, which form the main competition within the Lord Roberts Centre.  Many of the older scouts and leaders also took part in the Summer Biathlon, Advanced Field Targets, Small Bore and Full Bore at the 300 meter line on the Century Range.  There are also other events which take place, but are in the “own gun” categories, where the standards are exceptional.

To fill the spare time between details, there was also the oppertunity for the scouts to join in on JOTI and JOTA (Jamboree on the Internet/Air) as a facility had been provided for scouts to work towards their Global Challenge.  There was also a challenging archery range and hockey matches on the first floor which could be spectated.

After a most welcome visit and assessment by District Commissioner Angela Rainey, accompanied by husband Nigel, who gave the nod of appreciation to Karen’s pasta sauce and the baked apple pie and custard; I can confirm that the planning, paperwork and camp setup were found to be in good order and after a brief interview Angela granted my night’s away permit – so I can do it all again on my own credentials.

Alas there was no furniture brought home to decorate our awards shelf this year, but the 5th Dartford Scout Group firmly believe in providing a full and well balanced programme, where target shooting forms only part of it, although we fully appreciate the opportunity to stand alongside and compete against the skilled members of National Scout Air Rifle Team who represent British scouting at international level.

I’d like to thank and acknowledge the extensive help and experience of existing N/A permit holder Dave Monteith; the expertise of Tilley lamp guru Keith Furlong; Karen Hannah, who cooked and served an excellent selection of balanced and nutritious food over long rolling services in order to meet all the shooters detail times.  In fact, all leaders and parents on camp are owed my thanks for all their help in making this camp a success.


Please forward any pictures taken at the camp to media@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk for inclusion in our galleries.

So who’s ready for Bisley 2011?


2010-10-10 – Earley Community Challenge Work

communityToday, the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Earley Troop sent 15 volunteer scouts and leaders to the garden of senior members of the Dartford community who were no longer able to attend to their property.  Giving up their Sunday, the dutiful Earley scouts worked tirelessly in the autumn sunshine to clean out a neglected pond; mow, weed and clear an overgrown front garden; mow, strim, weed and clear the back garden; repair fencing and a gate; cut down unwanted trees, dig out troublesome roots, bag it all up and cart all unwanted debris to the front where most was also carted off to the tip and the rest left ready for collection. 

Well done lads, you’ve all earned credit towards your Community Challenge badge and I hope to present the first few very soon. 

2010-10-09 – NSRA YPS Finals

yps_11Over the past 6 weeks, Leaders from both the 5th Dartford Scouts Group’s Earley and Burne Troops have been instructing 13 of our own scouts and 3 visitors from 9th Dartford Scout Group to become proficient in the sport of air rifle target shooting. 

The course concluded with an exam, in which a minimum of 70% must be attained before progressing to the shooting part of the test. We are proud to announce that every attendee passed the theory exam and progressed to the shoot off. 

The “Shoot off” consisted of a practice card upon which as many “sighting” shots could be fired in a limited time period, in order for the participants to familiarise themselves with the rifle they had been allocated.  Thereafter, a further 4 cards were issued where 5 pellets were shot at each.

In order to grade the participant’s capability, the NSRA created the following grade bands.

100 – 124 – Skilled Shot

125 – 149 – Marksman

150 – 174 – Expert Shot

175+ Master Shot

I kid you not, we were staggered with the level of competence we saw this year, with many scouts hitting excellent scores, but a special mention to Henry from the 9th Dartford Scout Group for attaining “Expert Shot” and to the Earley Troop’s own Connor who achieved “Master Shot” – The highest possible grade within the NSRA’s YPS scheme and the first one the 5th Dartford Scout Group has been awarded.  Thankfully, both these scouts and almost all who attended the course will be representing Dartford at this year’s annual National Scout’s Rifle Target Shooting Competition at NSRA Bisley next weekend.


Congratulations to everyone who qualified and who’s results are published below.


2010-10-08 – Earley Investitures x 8!

worldThis evening, 8 new members were invested in to the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Earley Troop, in a ceremony attended by family members. On behalf of all in the Earley Troop, we extend a very warm welcome to Joey, Lewis, Charlie, Yalun, Kieran, Matthew, Shea and Lucas whom we know will become most excellent scouts.

Parents – please email photo’s taken on the evening to jason@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk  so that we can include them in our archives and publish them on our website.



2010-10-08 – Earley Troop – District Trophies

This evening we had the pleasure of welcoming District Scout Leader (DSL) Wayne Tomkinson to the best attended Troop night this year – 31 scouts.  Wayne had taken the time to join us to present us with two trophies we had won.  The first was for winning the “Plate Trophy” back in May and the 2nd was for the total annihilation of all challengers in the District 5-a-Side football competition at the District Carnival back in June.  Congratulations to the team members from both events and a big thanks to Wayne and all in the District team who plan these events, which can only further enrich our existing program and we hope to support going forward.


Well done Micheal, George, Dom Adam, Vinnie, Charlie, Tom & James – Let’s get the main trophy next year ;O) 


Well done Matt, James, Dom, Callum & James; you were untouchable this year – Let’s keep it that way.

2010-10-02 – Race Night

horseOn Saturday 2nd October, the 5th Dartford Scout Group held it’s annual Race Night, which was very well attended as usual.  With a mixture of races including Horses and Pigs and a tote betting system from just 50p we managed to raise £863, which will be going towards the New Hall Fund.

During the break we feasted on a splendid sausage and chip supper and previewed the Summer Camp 2010 DVD, a copy of which you may have to keep for a donation of just £5.00. Please order your copies from your section leader.

In addition to everyone who took part and made this a most enjoyable evening, we would like to make special mention of our sponsors for the eveining and thank them greatly for their valued support:

Barclays Print – Panel Panel – 1st West Roofing – Ace Builders – HSC Candela – Barnes & Roffe – J.Coxedge