2012-11-11 – Remembrance Service & Parade

The 5th Dartford Scout Group were proud to see so many members make the effort to turn out smartly for today’s remembrance service at the Dartford war memorial and parade thereafter; and to all of you we thank you for the respect you have shown as you did us proud.

It was a glorious, blue-sky, autumnal morning and we were fortunate to have so many parents and supporters line the streets to chear and applaud us as we paraded proudly around the town centre, which made it all the more worthwhile.

Once again, Thankyou to all who represented us and to Mr Taddei for the photos.

2010-11-24 – Phillips Cub Pack Launch

Tonight saw the launch of the 5th Darford Scout Groups’ newest section – The Phillips Pack under the leadership of Tracy and Zara and assisted by new young leader – Chris.

Activities involved lots of fun and games with the volcanoes being made out of paper mache and next week they will be painted and eruptions may occur…

It’s not too late to join the Phillips Pack, but there has been loads of interest following recent leaflet drops to local schools and estates, so act quick and JOIN us now.

Christmas Raffle 2010

Many thanks for all that attended the raffle ticket selling on Saturday at Sainsburys at Crayford, an excellent turn out by the sections produced excellent results with all tickets being sold and over £700 being raised on the day.

There were many good comments too on how well the boys were turned out with smart uniforms.

Can we also ensure any outstanding books or sold stubs and money be returned not later than Friday 10th December to ensure all are entered in the Grand-Draw, which will take place on 16th December 2010.

Maggie Lilleycrop.

Prize list….

1st              Hamper (See picture)     –        value approx £60
2nd            Six bottles                        –       £25
3rd             Sweets                             –       £18
4th             Christmas cake               –       £12
5th             Christmas crackers         –       £10
6th             Christmas pudding          –       £5

Over 500,000 Scouts in UK – Join the Adventure

In the past 12 months, Scouting in the UK has experienced its largest growth in over 50 years.  This in part is no doubt due to the new exciting role model the asociation has found in new Chief Scout Bear Gryll’s, but locally the 5th Dartford Scout group has started two new sections because of the public demand to be part of Our Adventure.  It’s not too late to join us as a Beaver or Cub, but places are limited so please act quick.

2010-11-18 – Rawhide Beavers Climb our Wall

Tonight the “Rawhide” Beaver colony from Stone descended on 5th Dartford Scout Group’s HQ to experience our Wall under the tuition of our own highly trained instructor leaders, who donated their time, experience and our facilities for free. The young adventures undertook this challenge as part of thier sponsorship mission to raise funds for SOS (Support Our Soldiers.)

We understand that these Beavers have raised in excess of £260 in sponsorship and have been busy packing shoe-boxes with goodies to be shipped out to our troops. The 5th Dartford Scout Group fully support the efforts of the Stone “Rawhide” Beavers and wish them every success in this noble venture.

2010-11-13 – Lord Mayor’s Parade

The day started at Crayford Station at 11:40 for the 11:48 Cannon Street service followed by a short walk to catch the return of the Lord Mayor’s Parade.  The party had grown in number from last year to a staggering 28 including leaders and thankfully, the weather was on our side with dry sky’s and little wind.  The scouts cheered well and the theme of the day seemed to be to get as many vehicles, which ranged from potato harvesters to 1930’s AA motorcycles and Tanks to open top buses, to toot their horns in exchange for their cheers. There were many hi-5’s exchanged with the procession and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

After the parade, we made our way to the Bank of England museum, which is not usually open at the weekend, to check the daily rate of gold (13kg/28lb for only £236,056.00 – £20,000 cheaper than last year), lift an ingot, use the facilities and thaw a little before making our way to the Southbank for the start of the fireworks, which we missed out on last year due to bad weather.

Once we reached the Southbank, we made our way to a point just beyond the OXO tower to find a suitable spot directly opposite the launch barge, which gave us a fantastic view of the excellent display.

A most enjoyable day out was had by all for only the cost of a £2.00 travel card, which represents excellent value for anyone’s money. 

Many thanks again to Keith for planning the day and ensuring we all kept to schedule.

New Sections Are Go

The 5th Dartford Scout Group has now opened 2 new sections and at the time of publication there is availability for girls and boys in both Beavers (6-8) and Cubs (8-10 1/2).  Flyers like the one below are now being distributed to local schools and residences and we expect places to fill very quickly. For further information please either contact the section leaders directly or click on our contact / join forms. 

Poppy Appeal 2010

Many thanks to Dave for ensuring we have a Poppy appeal donation box and a plentiful supply of Poppies, located next to the badge box at the 5th Dartford Scouts Group hall.  Please feel free to give most generously and encourage our younger members too, so that our living veterans and their families can live with the dignity they have earned and those who have given their lives in service can be honoured and remembered.

Please don’t forget that wearing the poppy is a visible sign that a scout is respectful and fully understands what it symbolises. 

This year, Rembrance Sunday falls on Sunday 14th November and all of our scouts, without exception, are expected to attend the service and parade in full and smart uniform.