Photos – 2000 – 2014

Have you seen our History page and older archive photo’s/press cuttings from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s.

2014-06-08 - AGM

2013-12-12 - Carols

2013-05-11 - JOTT

2012-06-16 - CSGA

Hobbycraft Crowns

2012-05-12 - JOTT

2012-04-01 - Howl

777 - London

777 France

2011-05-14 - JOTT

2010-10-10 - CSBA

Summer Camp 2010

2010-04-02 - Easter Camp

16 Earley Troop, 3 Johnston Explorers, 5 leaders & 2 instructors went to a Guide camp and had a blast.

2010-03-26 - Earley Investitures

Sean, Chris, James and Tom Invested in to the Earley Troop

2010-01-29 - Earley Hovercrafts

Keith came up with this plan to build leafblower hovercraft, which was brought to reality with the help of Gary and Dave.

2010-01-23 - DFC

On Saturday 23rd Jan 2010 we went to DFC for a tour and watch the match.

2010-01-08 - Winter Camp - Gilwell

On Friday 8th Jan 10 the Brave from the 5th attended Gilwell Winter Camp in spite of the cold to have a jolly old time.

2009-12-06 - Birthday Parade

Today we have come to celebrate the fact that 93 years ago the first ever meeting of the 5th Dartford scouts was held on the 4th December 1916 at the church at the bottom of West hill. Here's how we celebrated.

2009-12-05 - Gold Award Presentation

Three of our scouts - Dan Ketley and Gareth Furlong of the Earley Troop and Josh Goodes of Burne Troop, attended a district ceremony at Holy Trinty Church in Margate. There were 50 Scouts/Sea scouts in total from all round Kent, with certificates presented by Wayne Bulpitt, the UK Chief Commissioner of The Scout Assocation.

2009-06-20 - Group AGM / Funday.

5th Dartford scout group pulled it all together at today's AGM. Not only did we showcase our new "ICE CLIMB", but we also took time to encourage our guests, members and visitors to "have a go" and "Feel the value" that 5th Dartford Scout Group has to offer. Thanks for the photos from Lynn, Keith, Kay and District. Sorry about the sort order, but too many in this gallery and not enough time ;O)

2009-06-19 - Early Troop at District TOW

The Earley troop managed both a second and a first for the 5th in this well manged District event. Any chance of a leaders event?.......

2009-06-19 - Early Troop get FIRED up!

3 of the older Earley Troop scouts took time out to write to the fire service, as part of their community award, to request a tour of Dartford Fire Station. Alas our visit was cut short as firemen were called out on a "shout" to rescue members of the public involved in a serious RTA, but rest assured - the 5th will be back to get a hands on with them hoses and cutting equipment.....

2009-05-22 - District Jamboree

Walton Firs campsite in Cobham. The weather was the best we’d seen this year and our booty of awards was a fair haul too. The Fifth netted 1st place for both the over and under 14’s cardboard canoe race with a first and second place overall; and thanks to the Collins Cub Pack, the 5th also won the tug-o-war. Accreditation was also received with the 5th winning a third in the Cubs gun carriage race.

2009-05-09 - JOTT

There was a fantastic turnout at Sevenoaks station at 08:30, with @ 100 Scouts, Leaders and parents turning up for the 17 mile Dartford District 2009 JOTT. Along the way there were numerous pickup points and our numbers grew to staggering 667, which was a record breaker.

2009-05-05 - Mayors Civic Awards Presentation

The Worshipful Mayor of Dartford, Councillor Ian Armitt, Lady Mayoress Lynne Armitt, James OBrien, Maggie Lilleycrop, Gareth Furlong & Paul Boreham.

2009 Winter Camp - Gilwell Park

It was cold by anyones standards, but even at -8 in the tents the Earley troop made it through.

2008 - Waitrose Community Award

Cheque presented by the Worshipful Mayor of Dartford, Councillor Ian Armitt, Lady Mayoress Lynne Armitt to the boys from Philpott & Peacock Beaver Colony, Collins Pack & Burne Troop together with leaders Maggie Lilleycrop and Wendy Hurd. The award was raised was by Waitrose from their care in the community scheme and has gone towards our new hall fund.

2006 - Scout Hall Work Party

Ashley Cameron, Adam Essex & David Castle taking a break from the work party.

2006-05-12 - Network Beer Festival

Dartford Network Scouts ran an adults beer festival at our hall...Fra Essex says: "we've done two and both were v funny"

2005 - Whitsun Camp, Blacklands Farm

Whitsun camp 2005 at blacklands farm 'the one where I pick a kids knee cap off of the floor and stuffed it back in his leg...'

2004 - Gravelines, France

Gravelines, France, 2004 (the first time we went there on group camp) remembered as the camp when the sandwich lady asked Stuy if he would like his sandwich 'Americain?' (meaning with chips) to which he replied 'No! English'...ahhh suppose you had to be there - was funny when he realised what he had said...

2003 Summer Camp

2003 Summer Camp at Dalesbridge, Austwick, Lancaster.

2003 Chatham Dockyard

These are some of our photo's from the Kent County Day out to Chatham Dockyards where over 1,500 cubs attended.

Have you seen our History page and older archive photo’s/press cuttings from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s.