Summer 16 – Broadstone Warren

summer_camp_smallThis year 5th Dartford Explorers and Scouts from the their three troops (Earley, Burne & Medcalf) camped as a group at Broadstone Warren going back to basics, focusing on bushcraft and scouting skills.

Saturday 30 Jul – Arrived for lunch setting up camp, and the on to the orienteering challenge locating the 20 points with in the  camp site 400 acres which is a part of the Ashdown forest. All members refreshed their knife, axe and saw knowledge and completed a safety assessment. Dinner of spaghetti bolognese was prepared beforehand by Karen which was enjoyed by all, followed by a wide game and hot chocolate and cake before bed.

Sunday 31 Jul – The leaders helped the scouts to locate the outstanding orienteering points and collected wood for patrol cooking later that evening. The first camp site activity of the Cube Course (High  Ropes) was undertaken. The Explorers and Scout patrols prepared spatcock chicken and vegetables for a roast dinner on a one fire which was very successfully followed by clear evening where were able to star gaze and identify the north star by the plough constellation.

Monday 01 Aug – The patrols continued with their own cooking in the morning preparing eggs (french toast, scrambled, fried) followed by pot holing exploring the artificial cave network finishing with a patrol competition of the quickest team through the system. Following lunch two teams were formed for the raft building, which were well built and withstood several laps of the pond until pirate raids of each vessel resulted in all getting wet. The evening meal comprised of own made burgers with mash and beans being centrally provided. The Explorers set up a hammock communion area. Then it started to rain.

Tuesday 02 Aug – The patrols cooked their own breakfast of bacon sandwiches, with the scouts championing the climbing and abseiling tower in the morning with Explorers manning the campsite dryer. In the afternoon fun and games were had on Water Rollers with the patrols preparing chicken wraps for dinner.

Wednesday 03 Aug – Sausages were cooked with Pioneering projects being constructed in the morning, the explorers building a catapult which throw footballs, and the scouts building an A-frame and tripod which could hold all the scouts, explorers as well as a few leaders. The scouts built their own shelters in the afternoon, however with the wood ants and other forest inhabitants they all slept in hammocks, with the Explorers having a fencing lessons with it being a curry night, Beef Madras and Chicken Korma was enjoyed by all.

Thursday 04 Aug – All enjoyed the Sumo Wrestling, with the older Scouts and a number of Explorers setting of for the overnight expedition with the those remains in camp partaking in the low ropes. Once again heavy rain was endured whilst on the walk, however stopped early evening allowing the walkers to dry out before arriving at Backlands farm their destination, with a combination of meals prepared on trangias and the new expedition tents being used by the scouts and explorers with the leaders string the hammocks in the trees.

Friday 05 Aug – The Scouts and Explorers navigated their way back to camp with the younger scouts cleaning out their tents and visiting the showers. All went shopping to Forrest Row shopping for Ready Steady Cook competition, enjoying ice-cream and sweets whilst there. The four patrols lead by the experienced explorers created four completed different 2 course meals which were of a very high standard, with the Paella winning. Once every thing was cleared away we enjoyed a blazing log fire sharing stories and song.

Saturday 06 Aug – With a centrally provided breakfast of cereals and bacon sandwiches all took to the task of striking camp with the parents collecting the youth members at lunch time.

I would like to thank all the leaders for all their help and assistance ensuring the camp, food, activities and young members enjoyed a safe activity filled camp, with many taking leave from work to make the camp possible.

Paul Boreham

2016-07-10 – Leigh Pack Spuds

Potato2Back in March each six from the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Leigh Cub Pack planted potato seeds, which we grew and tended outside the hall and last week we dug them up and had a weigh in with a total of over 5kg (10lbs.)

Next we got a big pot and had a good old cook out and all the spuds were eagerly scoffed on the night with a bit of butter and mint.  For many of our cubs, it was the first time they had ever grown anything and they all stated they were the best spuds they had ever eaten, but having grown them themselves – Of course they were…….

John – Akela

2016-07-07 – Philpotts learn Cats

Philpott Colony learn about Cats

Louisa Beyer from Cats Protection visited Philpott Colony on Thursday 7th July 2016 and gave the Beavers a very interesting talk about looking after cats and their behaviour. The talk involved big pictures and interaction with the boys. Some very unusual questions were put forward by the boys at the end including “Do cats and dogs have DNA like humans do”

Louisa gave the Beavers, Cat Masks and packets of crayons and left easy to understand workbooks to be used the following week. In return the Beavers presented her with two big boxes of cat food which was welcomed with open arms.

2016-06-25 – Philpott’s in the Woods


A colony of 13 Beavers were found entering the woods at Joydens Wood on Saturday afternoon. After a short walk deep into the woods they stopped to search for mini-beasts and build a dam across the water filled bomb crater whilst slipping and sliding in the mud and listening to rumbles of thunder above. After studying their mini-beasts through magnifying glasses they were returned to their natural habitat and the Beavers moved on.

Next stop was the picnic sight and after much needed refreshments bark rubbings were taken off of various trees, pine cones collected and the search for the wooden aeroplane, woodpecker, flying bats, soldiers and dormouse began in earnest. There should also be a wooden owl on a tall plinth but we never managed to find him.( anyone know where it is?)

A great big pile of old tree trunks made a great climbing frame for some whilst others learned the different leaves and plants to be seen.

Two and a half hours later tired, muddy but happy they were returned to their eagerly awaiting parents.

2016-06-17 – Beaver Sleepover

On Friday 17th June 2016 Edwards Beavers went on their first sleepover at Scout House.

We arrived at 6pm and set up our beds, we were then ready to start tackling activities to help us gain our Outdoor Challenge Badge.

Our first task was to help pitch a tent; everyone took a turn banging in a tent peg and as the tent was still there the next morning we can safely say they did a good job!

Bug houses were next on the agenda with some very interesting results.

We ate hot dogs, drank hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and watched the bats whilst standing around the camp fire.

Saturday started with packing & eating breakfast, everyone tried the eggy bread!

A game of Bingo was enjoyed and then the Beavers went into the garden to follow a trail, everyone successfully found all the letters.

We all went for a walk along the River Cray where the Beavers collected rubbish as part of their World Challenge Badge, we stopped a shop to spend our £2 and I think everyone came away with some change!

A short walk back to Scout House for lunch and games in the garden and then it was time to go home.

For all of the Beavers this was their first experience of a Scout night away and for many it was their first night away from home, they all had a fantastic time and are looking forward to the next one.

A massive thank you to Kay and John for giving up their weekend to help.

Tracy & Shea.

2016-06-03 – District Cub Camp


On Friday 3rd June, Cubs from Phillips, Leigh and Collins Packs joined many other Cubs from the Dartford District to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouting at the County Barn, Lower Grange Farm. The Cubs arrived at 18:00 to a drizzly start but it didn’t dampen their spirts. We had an opening ceremony followed by a wide game and after hot dogs and hot chocolate it was time for bed but unfortunately, for some, not time for sleep!

The Cubs treated the leaders to very early start on Saturday (4:45ish) which enabled us to be fed and watered, washed, dressed and tidied away before the day’s activities began. Each pack had a turn at climbing, archery, shooting, disc golf and craft activities. After dinner there was a disco and party games followed by a campfire with lots of singing. 5th Dartford followed this up with our own campfire, minus the singing, but we did toast marshmallows and had some fun with sparklers and all in bed and asleep by 22:15!

Sunday began with leaders having to wake most of the Cubs, revenge was sweet. The weather was kind and a morning of team games followed ending with a tug of war, Leaders against Cubs and after   each team won twice, we called it a draw.

All the Cubs had a thoroughly enjoyable time. A huge thank you to the 5th Dartford leaders and young helpers, who made it all possible.


2016-05-27 – Family Camp

famcampOn the last weekend of May, 5th Dartford Scouts held the annual family camp at Thriftwood Camp site near Brentwood with 130 people attending. Tim the camp leader organised a great programme of activities and events so that all the family could join in together having fun.

The activities on Saturday were Climbing, Abseiling, Cresta Run, Water Zorbing, Archery, Fire-lighting, Slack Lines, mini-crossbows, tent pitching, survival brackets plus rocket launching, in the evening a quiz night for the adults and a wide game for those who wanted to. Whist on Sunday morning there was the camp base activities, tomahawk throwing plus a frenzy of activity involving cardboard and parcel tape with families creating there vessels to enter the Cardboard canoe race. In the afternoon we assembled four teams to building our own rafts, sailing them around the lake without too many pirate skirmishes with the water activities finalising with the Cardboard Canoe race with 13 creations taking part, to much amusement and acts of seamanship, a number of crafts making multiple laps. The day ended as good day at camp should, with a roaring camp fire with everyone joining in the celebration, sketches and song.

Did I mention the fishing? I think we may have a few more enthusiastic anglers!

I believe the weekend was so successful because so many people volunteered, got involved as part of the team, participating in planning, making bookings, communicating, shopping, cooking, chopping logs, cleaning the kitchen/toilets, completing training, renewing activity permits, transporting equipment, setting-up and clearing-down. I would personally like to thanks all the attendees for joining in and making the weekend a fantastic family camp, appreciating the time and effort people took planning and providing the activities. A special mention for the kitchen team who provided bacon rolls for breakfast, Spaghetti Bolognese on Saturday and the BBQ on the Sunday.

NB: Next year is the 5th Dartford Scouts centenary with us looking to hold a special family camp where we look to involve as many members and their families as possible.

Competition Winners:


Lots of correct answers. So drawn from the hat the winning joint family entry was the Foster & Gubby Families.

Scavenger Hunt

Again a few families with an item for each letter. However, the winning family won with one of the funniest lists I have ever seen, including (V) very smelly sock; Well done the Hickmott Family.

Scrambled Picture

Lots of entries, but one entry did very well scoring 29 out of 33. Well done to the joint family entry from the Grigg/Crockford Families.

Tent Pitching

  1. Alice – 5:32
  2. Craig – 5:35
  3. David – 5:45

Cardboard Canoe Race

  • Decoration – Sea Monster
  • Design – Bloski
  • Sea Trial/Endurance – Russford captained by Lilly

Paul Boreham, Group Scout Leader

2016-05-14 – Jamboree on the Trail

badge201619th International Jamboree On The Trail  Saturday 14th May 2016

For the 16th year running walkers from 5th Dartford Scout Group joined the rest of the District walking along the Darent River Valley path from Sevenoaks to Dartford with members of the Group and their families joining in at various points along the way, including Otford, Eynsford, Farningham, Horton Kirby and a large Group of 24 from Sutton-at-Hone. Ages of participants ranged from 2 years – 72 years plus a dog or two.

The weather was kind, not to hot but dry throughout and every participant finished at Central Park Dartford by 4pm to be greeted with much needed refreshments and a badge for all who walked.

Well Done and Thank You to all participants. See you again next year!

Auntie Beaver