2012-06-22 – Crown Runners-up for Philpotts

Back at the end of May we told you about the Hobbycraft Crown Making competition and how you could see the the fantastic entries and vote for your favorite, by simply visiting the store.   We are exceptionally pleased to announce that the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Philpott Beavers came second place, losing out on first place by only one vote.

This afternoon Aunty Beaver visited Hobbycraft and was presented with a £50 hamper of craft items by their Asst. Manager Ian – Just a shame we didn’t get it in time to display at the AGM.

Well done to the Philpott Beavers and indeed to all of our Beaver Scouts on thier excellent efforts.


2012-06-23 – Leigh Pack @ Tredegar Allotments

Last Saturday a small group of boys from the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Leigh Pack took a short walk from the Scout Hut to visit the Tredegar Allotments and the Dartford Bee-Keepers.

The first part of the visit was a guided tour of the allotments including a talk on the wildlife of the area.  The talk was illustrated with photographs all taken on site and the personal experiences of the guides.  The boys were then led to a Discovery Table where there were a number of natural objects for them to investigate and identify. They then discovered the herb garden and the strawberry patch before being invited to dig up some potatoes.  These were placed in a plastic colecting bucket and the plant remains were put on the compost heap. 

The boys then took a break in the picnic area for lunch under the glorious clear blue sky. 

The second part of the trip was to meet with the Dartford Bee-Keepers.  Here the boys were given a brief history lesson of bee-keeping before being shown honeycomb and learning about bee colony structures and how bees communicate through dance. They also learned what causes bees to swarm and why swarming bees are less likely to sting.  The boys were then dressed in white bee-keeper overalls with in-built face meshes before being led to the active hives.  Here they not only watched the experts handing frames of bees but they also helped in moving a hive box.  This required many of the boys to actually hold the frames that were completely covered in bees whilst the hive was re-arranged. 

By the end of the visit the boys had learned a lot about their natural environment and the importance of plants and wildlife.  The visit had provided them with a vast amount of information and had allowed them to learn in a fun environment.    

2012-06-22 – Earley-troop Fire Safety Badge

This evening the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Earley-Troop visited the Dartford Fire and Rescue Service in Watling Street to validate their Chubb Fire Safety Activity Badge. 

Upon arrival, 18 Scouts and 4 leaders were greeted by Greg and Hazel of the Red Watch, who were not only welcoming & knowledgeable, but tollerant of some of the dafter scenarios posed by our members.

After the lessons and seemingly endless Q&A session, we were permitted to walk round the ops room and station facilities before Greg turned on the sirens and brought out the big appliance for the lads to investigate, board and ask yet more questions.

Many thanks to Greg, Hazel and all on the Red Watch for allowing us to visit during what should have been their rest time.


2012-06-17 – AGM / Activity Day

Despite poor forecasts ahead of our AGM and Activity Day on Sunday, June 17th, the weather was spectacular for us, all the activities were up and running ready for the 11am start and quite a few families arrived early to make the most of all that was available. Being Father’s Day, it did not take too much encouragement to get the Dads joining in with their kids.  

Dartford’s Mayor, Ann Allen and escort Miss Kim Cooper arrived shortly after the start, visiting all the activities, meeting and speaking to the leaders and instructors and taking time to speak to our young members about their scouting experiences. 

The activities were suspended for the duration of the official AGM, which included reports from the Chair, Treasurer and GSL and the formal accounts were ratified by all in attendance. Parent representatives to the Executive Committee were elected and promised that they would be made very useful during the year. 

Minutes of the AGM, all of the various reports and the financial statements will soon be available from the download area of our website and the financial statements and an annual report are also lodged with the Charity Commission. Our registered Charity Number is 303370 and you can search for us at www.charity-commission.gov.uk 

Ted Essex ‘Cougar’ was elected to a unique position as the new President of 5th Dartford Scout Group. Ted has over 40 years of service in the Scouts, starting in Deptford in 1969, moving to Dartford in 1981, fulfilling leadership positions in Cubs, Scouts andVenture Scouts and has now accepted a Group position, providing insight and experience to young leaders and promoting scouting to the wider community.

The Group’s Head of Fundraising, Karen Hannah, provided an update of the many activities that have taken place over the year, including the 777 Challenge and thanked Lyn Medcalf, Lesley Bauckham and the many other people who have helped with fundraising for their considerable efforts. We were delighted to welcome some guests to the event who made donations to the Group including John, Stuart and Piers from Dartford Freemasons for £425, raising their contributions to £1,000 for this year and Rags & Av from Amar Hall,who handed over £296 raised at a recent Curry/Disco evening. 

The Mayor congratulated the young members and leaders of the 5th Dartford for their achievements over the past year and also pledged £500 for our New Hall Fund. District Scout Leader, Wayne Tomkinson congratulated the Explorers, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers for their commitment and involvement in Scouting over the year and thanked the parents for their active support, bringing their children into the Scouting movement.

Activities continued through to 3pm, with leaders making sure that everyone who wanted to, got to take part inthe activities on offer, which included Abseiling, Archery, Ice Climbing, Climbing, Bouldering, Rifle/Pistol Shooting, Face Painting, Fake Wounds, Bracelet/Necklace making, Puzzle making and Burgers. And thank you must also go to the helpers who provided Tea, Coffee, Cold Drinks, Home-made Cakes, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the ever-popular Chocolate Fountain. 

Our AGM and Activity Day, was a wonderful way to celebrate Fathers Day with the whole family, andprovided an insight into some of the activities that Scouting offers. The official business of the AGM gave the wider 5th Dartford family a chance to see how the Group is being managed and was still completed promptly within 45 minutes.  If you have any suggestions for the next AGM, please let me know.

Paul Boreham – Group Scout Leader



2012-06-16 – Cheif Scout’s Gold Awards

This evening Keith had the honour of accompanying two of the Counties highest achievers, George McCarron – our current camp skills champion and Connor Pike – our National target shooting champion, both of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Earley-Troop, to the Chief Scout’s GOLD award presentation nr. West Maling.  The VIP guest was Chris Doll, Deputy Regional Commissioner for the South East of England, wearing the Multi-coloured scarf.  The other dignitary pictured wearing a red necker (not dissimilar to our own) is Harvey Kennet our new Kent Commissioner. 

Well done to the both of you; you’re a credit to the Earley-Troop, yourselves and the whole group is proud of you. 


2012-06-01/05 – District Jamboree – Walton Firs

Exhausted and full of tales of adventure is probably the best way to describe the state of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s young members as they returned from the Dartford District Diamond Jubilee Jamboree (3DJ2) at Walton Firs Activity Centre.  Over 700 district Scouters attended, most of whom slept under canvas and with 80 odd being from the mighty 5th. 

Some old friends were missed on this camp, but many new friends were made and old friendships rekindled.

Activities, which were all run by the the leaders from within our own district, included Archery, Target Shooting, Caving, Crate Stacking, Climbing, Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Backwoods skills and cooking and much, much more.  The camp record for crate stacking was set by one of our own Leigh-Pack cubs at 26 crates and for the third consecutive time, we retained our dominance in the cardboard canoe race with a very convincing victory in a craft designed by Paul, fashioned by Brett Funnell & John Butler and captained by Explorer Jack “Duracell Bunny” Hannah.

Having sucessfully linked, Joseph was presented with his Chief Scout Silver Award by GSL Paul as he left the Leigh-Pack to join the Earley-Troop as a Scout.

We can’t avoid the fact that the weather on this camp was wet and horrible, but the set-up and strike were favourable and with sufficient leaders taking time off work to get everything ready before the young folk arrived, there were no issues or surprises.

As with all camps, the focus was on the kids, but it can’t be done without the leadership team and none more so that those who run the kitchen and fuel the kids adventure. On behalf of everyone attending camp we thank Karen, Liz and Kay for preparing and cooking over 800 meals, serving over 300 pints of hot chocolate and for pampering the leaders and allowing us to crack on with the activities.  Ladies, we thank you!

2012-05-31 – Philpott Jubilee Party

Philpott Beaver Colony Queens Diamond Jubilee Party 31st May 2012

The 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Philpott Beavers enjoyed a traditional party on Thursday 31st May to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and luckily for us ‘Before the rains came’. 21 Beavers all dressed in red, white and blue arrived and joined in the games of musical chairs, balloon races and musical bumps. At 4.45 we stopped the games picked up our crowns and went outside for a lovely tea-party. Sandwiches, crisps, sausages, festive cakes all washed down with a bottle of pop. We raised our glasses (paper cups) to the Queen and finished with all invested members renewing their Beaver Promise.

As it was Joey Junior’s (Ashley) birthday on Sunday we replaced his crown with the birthday hat and sang to him much to his embarrassment .

All in all a jolly good time was had by all.

Auntie Beaver