2012-06-22 – Earley-troop Fire Safety Badge

This evening the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Earley-Troop visited the Dartford Fire and Rescue Service in Watling Street to validate their Chubb Fire Safety Activity Badge. 

Upon arrival, 18 Scouts and 4 leaders were greeted by Greg and Hazel of the Red Watch, who were not only welcoming & knowledgeable, but tollerant of some of the dafter scenarios posed by our members.

After the lessons and seemingly endless Q&A session, we were permitted to walk round the ops room and station facilities before Greg turned on the sirens and brought out the big appliance for the lads to investigate, board and ask yet more questions.

Many thanks to Greg, Hazel and all on the Red Watch for allowing us to visit during what should have been their rest time.