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        Philpott Colony Report April 2017-Mar 2018

We started off the year with 8 Beavers attending St Georges Day parade, on a lovely dry, bright day and then a few weeks later had 35 Beavers and their family members take part in Jamboree on the Trail an annual event along the River Darent finishing in Dartford park.

At the end of May, 7 Beavers joined in with their families at the Group Family Camp at Hope Hill campsite even Auntie Beaver paid a day visit in time for the judging of the best decorated Sedan Chair.

In June we were lucky enough to have a visit from the R.N.L.I. and with the boys bringing in 10p coins to make a ‘silver river’ we were able to donate £45 to a very worthy cause plus learning lots about keeping safe near water.

With the weather still very good in July we spent one Thursday at the park ‘over the tin bridge’ and the following week our traditional water games and water fight night. A large batch of our Beavers said ‘Goodbye’ and moved up to cubs so when we returned in September we were down to 12 Boys.

An afternoon in the woods at Joydens Wood saw all but one Beaver turn up and make the most of the still good September sunshine.

In the October half-term we held our annual Halloween Party to which both Edwards Beavers and Peacock Beavers were invited along with their parents resulting in 42 Spookily dressed characters turning up and joining in the traditional games.

In November we made a large ‘Guy’ and burnt him on a fire, then toasted tea cakes on the dying embers.

December we joined in the Groups 101st  birthday  parade and celebrations followed by the usual Christmas activities.

January – March saw us concentrating on badge work in the hall (only having to close one week because of the snow).

Over the year 10 Beavers attained their Chief Scouts Bronze award and all turned up very smartly dressed for the relevant presentations at Christchurch.

Very many thanks to my dedicated band of Leaders for all their help over the last year :- Big Beaver, Skippy, Joey Junior, Bearded Beaver, Eager Beaver and since December Happy Beaver and Cheeky Beaver; you all do such a brilliant job.

Auntie Beaver (Wendy Hurd)


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How do I join Beaver Scouts?

If you would like to take part in the fun of Beaver Scouting at 5th Dartford as a young person then please visit our Join Us page or if you would like to find out about becoming an occasional helper or leader, please visit our Contact Us page.

When should I buy my uniform?

Before buying a uniform, new Beaver Scouts should visit us for a few weeks to be sure they like scouting. Once the young person, parents and Auntie Beaver are confident that the young person is enjoying scouting, they will be invited to become a member and invested. The young person will then be required to wear a uniform for the ceremony and thereafter.

Where can I buy my uniform?

Your official Beaver Scout uniform is the same wherever you buy it, but you may well find it cheaper and more convenient to purchase from the shop at Dartford district Scout House in Broomhill Rd, DA1 3HT, which is usually open on Monday evenings between 19:00 and 21:00.

Alternativly, uniforms can be bought locally from TFS Schoolwear, 45 Spital Street, Dartford, DA1 2DX or John Lewis or online from the scout-and-guide-shop or indeed on ebay, where both new and preowned bargains can be had.

Where do I put all my badges?


What is the Beaver Scout Motto?

Be Prepared.

What is the Beaver Scout Promise?

I promise to do my best

To be kind and helpful.

And to love God.

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