Earley-Troop During Covid19 Lockdown

Since the start of the start of the lock down we have looked to continue with virtual meetings using Zoom 40 minutes free sessions each and ever Friday. Here are the details of what we been up to…

Hi All,
I hope this email finds you all safe and well.
For the first time since 5th Dartford inception in 1916, following the Government and The Scout Association guidance we are to suspend all face to face meeting until further notice. This impacts Friday evening meeting, St Georges Day Parade, Easter Camp, Family & Summer Camp.
I have suspended on line subs payments, and will look to return all camp deposits via post over the next week.
Baden-Powell original scouts in 1907 started with groups of boys buying weekly publications and trying out the activities with their family and friends. In this modern age of the internet we will look to maintain Scouting by virtual activities, where we will be sending activities that you can complete with your family. 
The first one is the completion of Fire Safety activity badge that we started. I will send out information 19:30 on Friday evening.
Kind regards PB


The Scout activity to be undertaken this week… Please email photos and information back of what you have managed to achieved.
Fire Safety Activity Badge
1.       Talk to your family about what to do in the event of a fire at home
2.       Test your smoke detectors in your home
3.       Perform a risk assessment of your own home 
1.       Have you a smoke detector on each level?
2.       Do you have a carbon monied detector where you have stoves?
3.       Have you oil heaters and open solid fuel fires?
4.       Have you portable electric fires?
5.       Do you dry clothes over heaters?
6.       Do you use extension leads, electric wiring and fuses
7.       How do you use of household gas, including gas fires
8.       Have you any party decorations and candles
9.       What effect does closing doors and windows
10.   Do you use BBQs

Personal Challenge Award
Complete two personal challenges 
A few suggestions but please feel free to create your own:-

  • Give up using your games console for a week !!!
  • Help your younger brother or sister with their school work for a term
  • Learn how to communicate in basic sign language
  • Do at least an hour of physical activity every day over the summer holidays
  • Do the washing up at home for two weeks
  • Note in the attachment, any achievement that you have made over the next week.


Hi, I hope you are all keep safe and well
This week with these wonderful clear sky’s we can look revisit the Astronomer badge after our recent visit to Sutton at Hone Observatory.
In addition we can use these skills to help with our navigation to locate both north and south.
How to locate North by using your watch.
How to locate South by the Moon

Astronomer Activity Badge details
Space Station – ISIS UK Fly Over Details

20:00 – Open up call and get used to the app
20:10 – Virtual Scavenger Hunt
20:30 – Collect in ideas for further virtual meetings
20:35 – End of call


1) Prepare and practice your jokes – First 10mins
2) Set up your virtual camp at home (a den in the back room or a tent in the back garden) – Remaining 20mins

                Sean camp fire 


Congratulations to Maisie for completing her personal challenge award, please send in you completed sheets to complete yours.
This weeks challenge as the weather is good and many were talking of BBQ’s is to make your own burgers, send in your recipe and photos so that we can all vote for the winner next Friday.
Below is the one I am trying from Jamie Oliver…

Jamie Olivers  Home Made Burger Method

  • Wrap the crackers in a tea towel and smash up until fine, breaking up any big bits with your hands, then tip into a large bowl.
  • Finely chop the parsley (stalks and all), then add to the bowl with the mustard (if using), and the minced beef. 
  • Crack the egg into the bowl, then add a good pinch of sea salt and black pepper.
  • With clean hands, scrunch and mix everything up well. Divide into 6 and pat and mould each piece into a roundish shape, roughly 2cm thick. 
  • Place the burgers onto a plate, drizzle with oil, then cover and place in the fridge until needed – this will help to firm them up.
  • To cook the burgers, preheat a large griddle or frying pan for 4 minutes on a high heat, then turn the heat down to medium.
  • Place the burgers on the griddle or into the pan, then use a spatula to lightly press them down, making sure the burger is in full contact with the pan.
  • Cook the burgers for 3 or 4 minutes on each side, depending on how you like them – you may need to work in batches.

Don’t forget the astronomy badge – you can clearly see Venus this evening