2011-11-30 – 1st Meopham Climbing Visit

Tonight, 20 Scouts from the 1st Meopham Scout Group’s Challenger-Troop decended on the 5th Darrtford Climbing wall to take part in the physical aspect of their Scout Climbers badge, under the instruction of our own Invicta Mountaineering Team members.  I’m pleased to say that the majority of the young adventurers completed the requisite 4 climbs and an abseil and will be well on the way to achieving their award.

Assisting us this evening were Tom, Robert, Matthew, Joey and Kyle from our own Earley-Troop, who having attined this award for themselves were invited to take part in the activity with our visitors in order to qualify for element N3 in the Kent Scouts Invicta Challenge award.

Leaders wanting to book a climbing session for cubs/scouts/explorers on the 5th Dartford wall should please complete the booking form at the bottom of this page.


2011-11-24 – District Quiz Winners – Earley Troop

Despite initial set backs with an attack of fatigue, a toothache and a no show from the original line-up, two emergency substitutions were made in the form of James and Henry who joined George, Connor and Robert to form the Earley Troop team. 

Rounds included Chocolate/confectionery cryptic quiz (eg High class road – Quality Street), picture quizzes (current affairs, sportsman) music round (TV theme), skittles sweets – guess the flavour, countries cryptic quiz, Mario kart Wii, transfer of smarties with a straw to name but a few.

The event was well attended, with 8 troops from the distrct represented and just one table free, which served as a good base around which the attending leaders could gather.  Suffice to say that the Earley Troop won the competition with a 6 point lead and a total of 127 points.

Thanks to Keith for managing the team and indeed to 8th and the district team who make these events possible.

Well done!

2011-11-20 – Chief Scout Bronze Awards

2011-11-20 – Chief Scout Bronze Awards

Today, at a district ceremony held at St Mary’s Church, Greenhithe and attended by the cream of Dartford’s Beaver Scouts, 10 members from the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Beaver colonies  were presented with their Chief Scout Bronze Award by Kathy Smith – ACC Kent Beaver Scouts.  The Chief Scout Bronze award is the highest accreditation a Beaver-Scout can achieve and shows the level of commitment from both the young person and their leaders.  

A special mention for James, Megan and Chloe of the Edwards colony who achieved their award in just 9 months and with Chloe and Megan being the first girls in the history of the 5th to achieve the bronze award it proves that a year on, the Edwards colony and the leadership team behind it are yet another success story for the 5th. 

On behalf of all at the 5th, we congratulate you all on your award and recognise the effort that you put in to complete the requisite challenges – Well done!

If you have any photo’s to be included in our archive, please send them to media@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk

2011-11-19 – Up, Up and Away for Gareth…..

Explorer Scout Gareth Goes Solo

Today, Gareth Furlong of the 5th Dartford Scout group’s Johnston Explorers took to the air in his first and second solo glider flights.  

Gareth has been on a scholarship programme at the Kent Gliding Club in Ashford for a couple of years, where his work has been rewarded with flight time.  Despite being a capable glider pilot with many hours of flight time behind him, there has always been someone else in the cockpit, so we can only imagine the look on his face when he was told that “today was the day” and the adrenaline surge he must have experienced knowing that he was on his own for the first time  – What a rush!

Well done Gareth. 

2011-11-19 – District Beaver Camp Fire

District Beaver Camp Fire Day Saturday 19th Nov 2011

Lower Grange Farm Maidstone, Kent Scout H.Q  played host to Dartford Beavers including Beavers from both the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Philpott and Edwards Colonies.

With a wonderful warm, sunny November day, the Beavers spent the afternoon exploring the woods finding all sorts of leaves, berries and mini-beasts. Collecting piles of wood ready for the camp fire which was transported across the fields by a human chain of Beavers and pond dipping in the stream.

Then back to ‘The Barn’ for Hot Dogs and Drinks followed by a brilliant hour round the camp fire singing traditional CampFire songs.

I bet every Beaver fell asleep on the way home happy and exhausted, I know the Leaders in my car did.

Auntie Beaver


2011-11-14 – 4 New Explorers Invested

Tonight Matthew, Jack, Abbie and Billy of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s own Johnston Explorers were invested as full members by Explorer Leader Dave, with Adam assisting.  Matthew has recently rejoined the group after Earley-Troop nights clashed with sporting commitments, but we’re very pleased he’s been able to come back.  Jack, having achieved his Chief Scout Gold Award, has been a credit to the Earley-Troop.   Abbie is new to Scouting at the 5th and Billy a member for many years both prove that Exporer Scouting has something for everyone in this age range.

The Johnston Explorers‘ numbers have sored lately due to a surge in interest and a revised programme of adventurous activities planned, the future looks bright.  If you want to know more about joining the Johnston Explorers as an Explorer or Adult helper click here.

Collins-Pack Chief Scout Silver Awards

At a recent district ceremony held in the Mayor’s parlour and attended by the cream of Dartfords’ Cub Scouts, 9 members of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s own Collins-Pack cubs were presented with their Chief Scout Silver Award by the Honourable Mayor of Dartford.  On behalf of all at the 5th, we congratulate you all on your award and recognise the effort that you put in to complete the requisite challenges – Well done!


2011-10-26 – 777 Press; La Voix du Nord

In an email from our friends in Gravelines, France we recieved this press cutting from La Voix du Nord (The Voive of the North), acompanied by the following translated text.

“Dear Friends,

Please find attached the article from La Voix du Nord (newspaper “The Voice of the North”) reporting on our 2 Scout friends, Alex and Malcolm of the 5th Scouts Division in Dartford, our twin-town, at the start of the French leg (of their marathon).

I hope you will enjoy it.”

Alain Létreux
Responsable du Groupe “Pêcheurs d’Islande”
des Éclaieuses et Éclaireurs de France
Secrétaire Adjoint des Amis du Jumelage


Start of the French leg in front of the Arsenal building in the presence of: 

A delegation of 12 scouts from the 5th Scout division in Dartford who arrived this morning to mark the occasion, led by Paul Boreham in charge of the group, together with two representatives.

Bertrand Ringot from the General Council and Mayor of Gravelines; Councillor Raoul Defruit, President of the Youth Commission and friend of the “Amis du Jumelage” – Friends of Twinning; Edmonde Jourdain, secretary of the “Amis du Jumelage”; Alain  Létreux, representative of the group “Pêcheurs d’Islande ” – (Icelandic fishermen) of the Guides and Scouts of France in Gravelines, with other members of the group and the joint-secretary of the “Amis du Jumelage”; Christian Hogard, representing the group “Paul Emile Victor” (a French explorer) from the Guides and Scouts of France in Loon-plage with other members of the group. 

2011-10-14/16 – NSRA Bisley Camp 2011

With a party of 38, comprising of members from Earley Troop, Burne Troop, Johnston Explorers and 9th Dartford, we attended the 35th National Scout Rifle Championships for our 4th consecutive year at NSRA Bisley.  As ever, the event was well attended with over 800 Scouts competing in events including 6yd pistol, Field Target, 6yd Main Rifle, Reactive Knockout, Summer Biathlon, Advanced Field Targets, Small-bore rifle at 25 yds and Full-bore at 300 yds. 

The standard of shooting from our team improves each year as the experience and self discipline they gain from practice and study through programmes such as the YPS scheme, which we run bi-annually.  Two of our party did exceptionally well, with Connor Pike of the Earley Troop coming 2nd in the Field Target discipline, hitting 15 out of 20 targets and was awarded the silver medal.  Jessica Boreham of 9th Dartford came 13th in the 6yd Main Rifle category and was also presented with the Walton Firs trophy for most improved shot against the previous year. Well done to the pair of you.

Catering was once again handled by Karren Hannah and as usual we were spoiled with excellent food over a long service, which is the only way it can be as the complex shooting schedules and range duty times mean that everyone sitting to eat at the same time is a logistical impossibility.  On behalf of everyone at camp we thank Karren very much for her help and support.

As always, a busy camp like Bisley requires many months of preparation for all the paperwork required, van loading/unloading and setting/striking of camp and this cannot be done without the help and support of the many leaders, helpers and instructors who gave their time to make this camp a success – Thanks guys.