2012-03-28 – Sevendroog ESU Climb at the 5th

Tonight 11 members of the Sevendroog ESU visited the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s HQ for a climbing and abseiling session.  Many of the unit already had some experience with climbing, but some did not, so under the tuition of our Kent County “Invicta” climbing instructors, everyone was able to participate safely and enjoy the session.

Anyone wishing to book a climbing session should complete the form at the bottom of our climbing page or email wall@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk


2012-03-28 – Phillips-Pack hit the ropes

This evening, 18 members of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s own Phillips-pack cubs donned helmets and harnesses and braved our climbing wall for a climbing and abseiling session with our own experienced instructors.  For many it was their first climb and were understandably apprehensive and others were confident and able to tie in their own safety knots under supervision, which they had learnt on previous sessions.  All the cubs had a great session and really enjoyed themselves.

Our experienced instructors are happy to run clmbing & abseiling sessions for visiting groups within or outside of our district, from beavers to explorers and ice-climbing sessions for older scouts, ESU’s and above.

To book a climbing session or for climbing enquiries please complete the form at the bottom of our climbing page or email wall@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk

2012-03-24 – Redwood Beavers Climb Wall

Today, on a gloriously sunny Saturday morning, 18 young adventurers and their leaders from 1st Dartford Scout Group visited the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s HQ for a climbing session on our wall. For most it was their first climb, but with their zest for adventure and our instructors experience and encouragement a good half a dozen of them conquered the wall and abseiled with confidence.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to seeing them again.

Anyone wishing to book a climbing session should complete the form at the bottom of our climbing page or email wall@5thdartfordscouts.org.uk

2012-03-17 – District Cross Country Run

Canada Heights Swanley was the venue once again this year, but instead of last years glorious sunshine, it was wet. However this didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the boys and girls from 5th Dartford with plenty of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all taking part and doing their best with several certificates won in differing age groups.

A special mention for Jack, Ted & Sean all from Collins pack who took First, Second and Third place in their age Group (10 yr old cubs) and this was the fifth year running they achieved this. It started when they were six running as Beavers. What an achievement! Hopefully Burne Troop will benefit from them next year as Jack & Ted (The Twins) get invested as Scouts next week.

Well done to everyone who took part and completed the muddy course.


2012-03-05 – 5th Driveway Resurfaced by SGN

Today, SGN staff relayed around 40 tonnes of reclaimed tarmac on the driveway entrance to the 5th Dartford Scouts hall to say a big ‘thank you’ to the local community for their patience during a large gas mains replacement programme in the area.  As with many large engineering projects, some roads were closed with temporary traffic measures – so SGN wanted to give something back by repairing the driveway and the new drive will now bring a much needed boost to the local youth facility.

Kevin Bull, team manager at SGN’s Greenwich depot, said: “We are currently doing some work in the area and our works go past the scout hall. We noticed that the driveway was in need of repair and that there was a problem with access for local groups attending the venue.  As a way of saying ‘thank you’ to local residents we thought this was the ideal opportunity to put something back into the community.”

The work will make a massive difference to the 250 boys and girls in the Scout group and access to the hall will also be easier for disabled members and elderly people who attend the many fundraising events that we run throughout the year.

Neil Young, Scout Group Chairman, said: “We are extremely grateful to SGN for showing such true community spirit. The steep drive that gives access to our hall has been deteriorating for many years and became considerably worse. Now, a new driveway will make access to the hall for people and equipment safe for many years to come.”

2012-03-04 – Chief Scout Bronze Awards

Chief Scouts Bronze Award

On Sunday 4th March three Beavers from Philpott Colony and one from Peacock Colony received their Chief Scouts Bronze Award at a presentation held at St Marys Church Greenhithe.

These were presented to the boys by the new County Commissioner for Kent Harvey Kennett in front of their parents followed by refreshments courtesy of the District Adult Support Team.

Congratulations to Clayton, Jonathan, James & Ryan on achieving the highest award obtainable by a Beaver.

Well Done!


2012-03-03 – Quiz Night

Quiz Night Saturday 3rd March 2012

Great fun and a little mental stimulation was had at our annual Quiz Night on Saturday plus we managed to raise £252 of which the £80 raffle monies and a donation at the end of the evening of £10 will go to the New Hall Fund and the rest of the monies to the normal running costs of the Group.

The competitors had to name the Dartford pubs from black & white photos of the doors. Tell us the names of the fresh herbs supplied. Spell correctly a list of Poisons and name the song & artist in the ever popular music round. Along with these a good mix of general knowledge made the evening go well and the team made up of The Elliotts, Griffins, Goodes & Friends won the event for the second year running but by a very close margin. Many thanks to the team who came last for entering into the spirit of the night and became our ‘Cadburys Fruit & Nut cases’.

It was great to see so many former parents still supporting us but it would be even nicer to see some new faces next time. If you have never been to a Quiz Night there is no embarrassment caused as all questions are answered as a team, written down on paper and we do try to make them fun rather than intellectual. So watch this space for the date of the next one.

2012-03-02 – Leigh Pack Memory Box

On the 2nd March 2012, the Leigh Pack decided it would be a great idea to bury a memory box in the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s driveway, before it was resurfaced the following week.

The boys were intrigued to think that perhaps on day, in years to come, it would be discovered.

The boys were split into their 6’s and wrote lists of their names, pack and the fact that it was the 2012 Olympic year, which was being held in London.  They also wrote that they were currently fundraising for a new hall and along with badges and photo’s, placed them in a tin an buried it.

Kyle, of the Earley Scout Troop, who was helping for his Kent Scout Volunteer Award, spent a long time digging the hole ready for the cubs to place their tin.  There was a quick ceremony about what might happen in years to come, when the tin was rediscovered.

Akela John