2009-05-22/25 – District Jamboree

On Friday 22nd May, the leaders set off bright and early to Walton Firs campsite in Cobham to set up what was to be a very successful Jamboree camp indeed. The weather was the best we’d seen this year and our booty of awards was a fair haul too. The Fifth netted 1st place for both the over and under 14’s cardboard canoe race with a first and second place overall; and thanks to the Collins Cub Pack, the 5th also won the tug-o-war. Accreditation was also received with the 5th winning a third in the Cubs gun carriage race.

The overall camp atmosphere was bustling and just listening to the group at mealtimes it was clear the group were having a fab time. Thanks, as always, to the 5ths leadership team for “making it happen” for not only its own members, but also all the other scouts/cubs/beavers at the jamboree who enjoyed safe excitement on the canoing on the lake and on the pioneering zip-wire, which was built by the 5th’s Leaders.

2009-05-09 – Jamboree on the Trail


Jamboree On The Trail is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together, whatever age and wherever they may be in the world. In their own way, everyone will be hiking the same direction: towards a better future through Scouting.

There was a fantastic turnout at Sevenoaks station at 08:30 this morning, with @ 100 Scouts, Leaders and parents turning up for the 17 mile Dartford District 2009 JOTT.  Along the way there were numerous pickup points and our numbers grew to staggering 667, which was a record breaker.    

Alas I only got to take a few photo’s as everyone was eager to crack on as opposed to posing for the camera, but I’ve captured some beautiful scenic pictures of the Darent Valley trail.  Everyone had a great time and aside from one splinter, from a gate overlooking the old Roman Villa at Lullingstone, there were no injuries.  

I’m looking forward to next years JOTT already, where I hope to see the 5th extend the start point to 20 miles – just to show everyone else that the 5th not only go the extra mile, but three. Anyone second that?

2009-05-04 – 2nd Annual Shooting Competition

Monday 4th May was a busy day for the 5th, with a marquee hired out in Hextable park, which went up at @9am, with many hands assisting. The main event was of course the 6yd Target Shooting competition, which saw a good turnout and a well run, safe and fun day was had by all. There were several competitions consisting of Scouts (10 1/2 – 14 1/2) 6yd rifle, Explorers (14 1/2 – 18) 6yd rifle, Adult Male 6yd rifle, Adult Female 6yd rifle and this year we also had 10m rifle and 6yd pistol too. There were also some fun prises for closest to the secret number, and highest scoring family. There are too many winners to list them all in text, but please see the attached screenshots of the winners and scores. It should be noted that all instructors voluntarily excluded their scores from any prizes, although in my case it would have made no difference at all 😆

Well done to everyone who competed.