2009-09-18 – Earley Troop Night

Tonight’s challenge was “Make your own Pioneering Obstacle Course” where each patrol had to use their pioneering skills to design and construct their own obstacle for an assault course at the end of the evening. Points were awarded for the fastest patrol round the course and a 10 point bonus was also awarded to the Kestrels for the best lashing and construction.

Tonight also saw the investiture in to the Earley Troop of three new scouts.

Next weeks challenge is based around communications and an understanding of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and the British Sign Language Finger spelling will be advantageous. Both guides are available on the downloads Page.


Summer’s Over – Back to Scouting

A new season has started with the Earley Troop after the summer break. A couple of our number have left to do other things and we wish them well, but we have new investitures planned over the next couple of weeks and some cubs ready to link from Leigh Pack.

New patrols were organised with new Patrol leaders and APL’s and a new patrol challenge has been devised to inspire positive competition within the group and encourage participation at district and county level. Points will be awarded at patrol level in 4 areas; appearance, scouting tasks, games and bonus, which will be for things like participation in events other than troop night.

Tonight saw the Kestrels take an early lead, but can they hold on to it? It’s up to the Eagles, Falcons and Hawks to put the pressure on because at this early stage – it’s anyone’s game – and prize!