2012-03-11 – Masonic Craft Fair

This morning, Members of the 5th Dartford Scout Group turned out to support the Dartford Masonic Centre’s drive to raise funds for local Scouting at their craft fair.  There were many stalls selling delicious cakes, gift items, free-range eggs and even chickens.  In addition to several beautifully maintained classic cars, there was also a vintage fire engine on display.  We also met with Mr Stevens who took the time to bring his 1954 5th Dartford Scouts record card with him, which for over 50 years he has kept as a reminder of his time in the Owls patrol and his achievements in scouting at the 5th.

We’re Collecting Sainsbury’s & Tesco’s Vouchers

We’re now collecting the Sainsbury’s Active Kids & Tesco vouchers and you’ll find our collection box in the Scout hall foyer.  For both the last two years, the parents and friends of the 5th Dartford Scout Group have collected over 15,000 points, which have been converted to invaluable equipment for our young people.

Please do what you can to collect as many of these valuable vouchers from your own shopping or from friends and relatives.

2012-02-26 – District Beaver Fun With Food

Sunday 26th Feb 2012- District Beaver Fun with Food Day

Peacock Beavers and Philpott Beavers took 18 boys to this years District Fun with Food day at Fleetdown Community Centre for 4 hours of tasting, creating and touching various foods.95 Beavers from across Dartford took part with each colony providing a different base. These included touching the eyes, mouths, fins etc of raw fish. Decorating iced biscuits with all sorts of different shaped sweets, tasting different exotic fruits from around the world, potato printing, making edible necklaces. Mini sandwiches of ham, chicken, tomatoes etc.Chocolate cake made in a mug in a micro-wave. Potato cakes, mini-pancakes, guess the crisp flavours, rafts from breadsticks & mini-rolls lashed together with strawberry laces that floated and the ever popular chocolate fountain.

At 1 o’clock  we stopped and played a few ‘Food Themed’ games to use up some of their excess energy before heading home with their food boxes containing anything left that they had made (which wasn’t a lot as most of it had already been consumed).

A really good day of fun.

2012-02-23 – Philpott Beavers Welcome Nancie


For the last three weeks Philpott Beavers have been discovering what it might be like to have a disability of some type. Firstly what it would be like to have no hands and playing lots of games involving feet only and painting a picture with the brush between their toes. Not Easy!!

Week two they couldn’t hear. So a quiet night playing games using their eyes rather than verbal commands and learning some ‘Maketon’ sign language. Thankyou Big Beaver.

Week three we had a visit from Peter Smith and his Guide dog Nancie. Peter lost his sight at the age of 60 and to keep his independence had to learn to live with a guide dog to help him. Peter gave a very good talk to the Beavers about everyday life for him now. Answered the Beavers questions, let them stroke Nancie and gave them all a very good story book each called ‘Pippa takes the lead’ A story about a puppy who dreams of becoming a guide dog. The Beavers also raised just over £20 to donate to ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind’. Our thanks go to Peter, Nancie and his manager who provided the transport for such an interesting and informative evening.

Auntie Beaver

2012-02-09 – Burne Visit Littlebrook


On a very snowy Thursday night 9th Feb at 7.30 the lads of Burne Troop descended on the Littlebrook Power Station for a two hour guide around the site. We were made to feel very welcome by Eileen and another tour guide whose name we didn’t catch (sorry). Firstly a brief talk in the warm along with drinks & biscuits for all, then we all donned hard hats, hi-vis jackets and safety glasses for the grand tour which was mostly outdoors with the snow coming down hard. The grand finale was the visit to the enormous control room furnished with masses of screens & computers. It was amazing!!!

A trip well worth doing with all 20 Scouts getting a lot out of the visit.

Thank you Littlebrook we’ll be back again.

For the full history of Littlebrook Power Station click here.

2012-02-04 – District 5-a-Side Tournament

Today the 5th Dartford Scout Group was well represented in the district Scout 5-a-side football tournament, with teams from both the Earley and Burne Troops.  Both teams performed exceptionally well with Burne runners up in the shield and Earley successfully defending and winning the plate competition.  Well done to everyone who competed, but the groups thanks go out especially to Del & Ashley Hurd and to Phil Hannah for helping to make these events happen for our lads.

Above Earley Team: Adam, Tom, Matt, James, Henry, Charlie, Kyle & Ben, with Coach Phil.

Below Burne Team: Marwan, Harry, George, Pattrick, Christopher, Joshua, Ross & Sam