2011-12-21 – 2011 Christmas Raffle Winners

After two full days selling tickets for the 2012 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Christmas Raffle, the final count has been made and the winning tickets drawn.  Before we get to the numbers, we would like to thank everyone who either bought a ticket or assisted with the sales, but our special thanks as always go to Maggie and Jim for sorting everything from the design and printing of the tickets to sourcing the prizes, manning the sales desk all day, counting up and ensuring the winners goodies are delivered in time for Christmas.

The Net total raised from this years raffle is a fantastic £895.97, which will be put to excellent use for the furure of Scouting at the 5th.

The prize winners, who have all been contacted and varified are:

Prize Ticket # Name
1st Prize Hamper 1920 Mr Curtis
2nd Prize Six Bottled of Wine 5550 Mr Gopi
3rd Prize Sweets Selection 4400 A Clements
4th Prize Xmas Cake 4421 K Tower
5th Prize Xmas Crackers 5992 Vincent
6th Prize Xmas Pudding 1097 Gill Randall

2011-12-12 – Dartford Masonic Presentation

On Monday 12th December a small representative of 1st Wilmington and 5th Dartford Leaders were invited to the West Dartford Masonic Centre to receive a cheque from money raised at the Craft Fair held on 18th September. It was a rare and appreciated gesture that we were invited in to the Temple and a welcome surprise that the amount for each group was match funded to total £600. This generous amount will be added to our new hall fund.

Each group were requested to nominate the two best achieving members not only to observe the presentation, but to also receive an award themselves, which will be annual award. After nominations were received from leaders of all the nine 5th Dartford Scout’s sections, two particular names were nominated several times for their achievements this year.

Matthew – A Collins Pack Cub who is now linking to Burne Troop, he has achieved his Silver Award, attended all of the fundraising activities for the New Hall Fund as well as many of District and Group events.

Jack – An Earley Troop Scout who is now linking with the Johnston Explorers unit, he has achieved his Chief Scout Gold Award and attended all of the fundraising activities for the New Hall Fund as well as many of District and Group events.

Both individuals are well respected by their peers and recognised by the leaders to have outstanding conduct and behaviour records. In the years to come, we will look to award these trophies to our two highest achievers at our annual Birthday Parade, which takes place on the first Sunday in December at the Methodist Church in Spittal Street.



A Snippet of our History………

In the December 11 issue of the Gravesham Scout Bulletin, Debbie Pearce – ADC Beavers (Gravesham), tells of how her Scouting career began at the 5th Dartford Scout Group way back in 1984 as an Assistant Venture Scout Leader under the wing of former GSL Dick Medcalf.

So how did you start in Scouting? 

This was the question asked by Paul the other day – well if you sitting comfortably then I shall begin.

Many moons ago back in 1984 when I was but a mere young whipper snapper (hmm) and had just started my career in the London Probation service, my mum was also working for Probation but as a Community Service Officer in Bexleyheath and her boss was Dick Medcalfe (from whom I learnt some very dodgy drinking games whilst on various camps), who was the GSL at 5th Dartford – he happened to mention to my Mum that his Venture Scout Unit needed a female AVSL – my mum told me and the next step is a bit of a blur but I then suddenly found myself with an AVSL warrant and with a brilliant bunch of Venture Scouts in Dartford.

I took the reins as VSL in 1986 but was then drawn to the new and mad world of Beaver Scouting – always wanting to have been a primary school teacher this fulfilled lots of personal goals so I defected. I stayed at the 5th as an ABL until I moved to Bexleyheath in 1989, which I knew very well having spent all of my childhood living there and had attended the Methodist church Sunday school and went to Brownies and Guides at the 7th Bexleyheath attached to this church. Somehow when I was at church news got around that I was a BSL in Dartford and again the next is a blur as I then found myself starting the first Beaver Scout Colony at the 7th Bexleyheath (still going strong today hurrah) later in 1989. Having to learn 24 boys’ names in one stage was no mean feat I can tell you and when the Beavers were all invested including myself and the 2 ABL’s this was a night to remember. This was also the era when hats were part of the Scout uniform; I still have some very attractive photo’s!!! I stayed at 7th until 1995 when I moved to Cliffe and it became impossible to fit work, and a 5yr old daughter at school in Higham into the equation. I was always itching though to get back to scouting. Then one night in 2005 having then moved to Gravesend I was gazing out of one of my office window which looks over Woodlands Park ( no I am not a dodgy stalker ! ) and chatting to my daughter when I saw a colony of Beavers in the playground – (Sophia was 15 by now) you have never seen my legs move so fast I was out of the house and chatting to that leader in a flash – the colony were from Swanscombe and the leader suggested that I contacted the Gravesham DC via the Kent Scout website – I sent an email the next day and then Keith rang me and as they say the rest is history.

Scouting is now so in my blood that I cannot envisage it ever not being in my life and the roles that I have I am so very lucky to be supported by absolutely fantastic leaders and parents.

Happy Scouting – Debby

2011-12-04 – 95th Birthday Celebrations

Today the 5th Dartford Scout Group commenced its 95th birthday celebrations with a short parade from the hall to the Spital Street Methodist church and as usual, everyone present was made very welcome by Rev Tim and his congregation.  We were well represented, with a good turnout of members from All 9 sections.  During the service a prayer was read by Leigh-Pack Cub George and readings by Earley-Troop members Connor and James.  Members of the congregation had a fundraiser for our benefit yesterday and raised a “small sum” for our new hall fund,  which to the thankful gasp of all present turned out to be £700!

After the service, we paraded the colours back to HQ before the Scouts and Explorers left to go ice-skating and the Cubs and Beavers remained for a party with entertainer and long time favourite of the Fifth, Travis.  All who attended the party had a great time, as did the ice-skating contingent with some talent in the making for some and for others………… well let’s just say thanks for keeping the rest of us laughing 😉

Every invested member now has the privilage of wearing our 95th Birthday badge on their necker, which was designed by Burne-Troop member Patrick. If you have not yet recieved your birthday badge, please speak with your section leader.

2011-12-03 – County Awards Presentation

In a Kent County awards presentation this evening, 6 Scouts and one linking  Explorer from the 5th Dartford Scout Group joined with the cream of the County to be presented with awards for their high achievements.  Firstly, Harry Zimmerman of the Burne-Troop and Jessica Boreham, linking from 9th to the  Johnston-Explorers, were presented with their Chief Scout gold awards and Tom Hannah, Robert Honey, James O’Brien, Joey Reilly and Matthew Randall of the Earley-Troop were presented with the Invicta Challenge award.  Presenting both awards was Richard Woolsey, South Eastern Regional Commissioner and Kelvin Holford, Kent County Commissioner.

Congratulations to you all and well done for all your efforts.

2011-12-02 – Volunteer Awards for Jack & James

Tonight, Jack Hannah and James O’Brien of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Earley-Troop, were presented with their Kent Scouts bronze Volunteer award by the GSL; Both lads have done well to give up so much of their free time to work on fundraising projects, which will benefit all members of our group.  We have a number of lads who are hot on their heals and look forward to presenting their awards in the very near future.