2010-09-18 – Beaver & Cub Sports Day

Success for 5th Dartford at District Beaver & Cubs Sports Day 

On Saturday 18th September; The sun shone, the sky was blue and the sports were fun in Dartford Central Park for the annual Beaver and Cub sports day.

Whilst the cubs competed in their races around the track, the Beavers ‘had a go’ at Javelin, Discus, Shot Putt and Skipping.  Then everyone swapped places with the Beavers racing against the other colonies and the cubs trying their skills at the field events. 

At the end of the morning Philpott Beavers were 1st Place winners overall and Peacock Beavers came in third place out of 8 colonies who took part.  

Leigh Pack finished in fourth place in the cubs competition. 

Well Done to all the boys who took part, you did us proud.

Best regards

Wendy “Aunty Beaver” Hurd

2010-09-17 Earley Backwoods & Update

Tonight was backwoods cooking over an open fire, including dough twists “dabs” and baked fruit rolls (a cross between an eccles and a tea cake.)

Our numbers were further bolstered by another two new members, bringing the Earley troop to 31 members including 2 linking cubs and 5 new to scouting. Watch this space for a mass investiture in the next couple of weeks.

Two fine scouts were promoted this evening, with Jack moving up from APL to take the lead role as Patrol Leader in the Falcons and Matthew stepping up to fill the spot left vacant by Jack as the new Kestrels APL.

We also congratulated Phil on his 14th birthday, which reminded us that as soon as he’s bagged his gold award he’ll be off to explorers already!

With a potential 3 Chief Scout Gold awards to be gained in the next few months, there will soon be vacancies for other scouts to step up to the challenge of leadership, so gentlemen – it’s up to you to impress and remember, age alone does not grant you the stripes!

Below is a link to our new backwoods cook book with some great recipes, which our scouts can try out at home, before impressing the troop with their skills at camp.