Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers

Active 14With your help we collected a fantastic number of Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers this year. The final count was 23,079 and they have been put to good use with new equipment to help us provide an active and balanced programme without increasing subscriptions.   Once again thanks to all our parents and friends for letting us have your vouchers and a big thanks to Wendy for painstakingly counting out the vouchers and managing the ordering process.  A picture below of all the items we were able to get. Continue reading

2014-02-08 – Quiz Night

On Saturday 8 Feb, Del & Auntie Beaver held their annual Quiz Night to raise much needed funds.  An excellent night was had by the 10 teams and £205 was raised, with a further £10 generously donated at the end of the evening. The quiz results were very close, but this years winners were the Monteith, Enever, Hannah & O’Brien collaboration taking away the prize of chocolate and bubbly.Quiz_Winners_2014