2009-11-29 – Group Scout Climbing Day Badge

climberSeventeen scouts from both Burne and Earley troop participated in the Climbing Badge day. The morning was spent learning about the equipment, knots & anchors, clothing and environment, helmets and harnesses, bouldering, belaying and climbing calls and practicing these in preparation for the afternoon session where each had to complete four separate climbs an abseil as well as demonstration the knowledge they had gained from the morning sessions. Congratulations to all the scouts that passed and many thanks to the instructors who gave their time to make the day possible. The badges are on order with the district badge secretary and will be presented at a troop evening once we have received them.

Paul Boreham (GSL)

2009-11-27 – District Quiz Night

quiz_nightTonight, the 5th Dartford Scout Group fielded two teams into the District Scout quiz, one from the Earley Troop and one from Burne Troop. Each team consisted of 6 scouts, with 6 scout teams in total and a 7th  team made up with one leader from each of the scouting teams.  Both of our teams were placed with Burne comming in third and Earley taking second place behind 9th Dartford.  By all accounts it was an enjoyable evening with good old competative scouting spirit. 


2009-11-27 – Earley Troop Masterchef Challange

mcTonight the Earley Troop was set the task of breaking patrols and reforming as three groups to prepare a two course menu with provided ingredients and menu.  The challenge was that much more difficult as the only source of heat was from a Trangia camping stove.  The menu was not traditional camping fair, but the challenge was more to test teamwork and the ability to follow instructions than to simply warm up some beans. 

On the whole we were quite impressed and indeed surprised with the aptitude of a number from the grouptrangia and notwithstanding a couple of spillages, the results were all quite good.  The overall winners on the night was Billy’s team who scored highest on matching the brief, presentation and taste, but well done to all for thier effort and an especially big thanks to Dave for all the washing up…….

Read on for what they cooked……….

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2009-11-21 – 5th Dartford Raffle Ticket Sales

raffleToday saw members from all sections participate in the sale of tickets for the 5th Dartford Scout Group Christmas Raffle. For most, the day started at 09:00 and ended at 17:00 with each section putting inhamper two hours to sell as many raffle tickets to shoppers at the Crayford branch of Sainsbury’s as possible.  As always however, Maggie and Jim were there earlier to set up and remained there right until the end to clear down too.

A big thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to raise funds for the group, which not only helps with the cost of gas, electricity and water, but also keeps the subs down too.  Total sales on the day were £576.33, with £195.63 spent on tickets and prizes leaving a £380.70 balance for the 5th’s coffers, which grew substantially, once the boy’s had sold tickets to friends, family and neighbours, to £568.14.  Well done to all.

2009-11-20 – Earley Troop Night Navigation #2

cartoonTonight the Earley Troop set of on their 2nd night navigation of 2009 and this route, recommended by Jim Lilleycrop, followed the historic London Loop.  Departing Crayford Station @ 20:00, each patrol set off at 10 minute intervals armed with glow-sticks, torches, a map, compass, a set of headings and a good sence of humour.

Although there had been some rain earlier in the day, leaving mud and puddles aplenty, the over night weather was mild and dry, with a mist in open areas, but good general visibility so no problems asside from some wet feet and muddy trousers.  

A big thanks to Julie and Christopher for having the hot chocolate and cakes ready for our return to base, where we bunked down, watched a film and one-by-one fell asleep, before rising at 7am to the smell of bacon sandwiches.


2009-11-14 – Earley Troop @ Lord Mayors Show

The day started with thunder, lightening, rain and possibly the strongest winds this year to date, but that’s just a walk in the park for the weather hardened scouts of the Earley troop and just reminded them of summer camp.  As planned, we met at Crayford station at 11:00 and took the train to London and first visited the Bank of England museum, which usually closed at weekends, had opened especially for the show.  Alas photography was not allowed at the bank, but it provided welcome shelter from the elements and gave the scouts the chance to not only see what a solid gold ingot looked like, but the rare and possibly only opportunity to lift one and at 24lbs needed some effort. The morning value of the bar (updated twice daily,) was in excess of a staggering £256,000.

Monument Group (Large)

After our visit to the bank, the roads had cleared sufficiently for us to find a fantastic vantage point from which to view the return parade and shelter whilst we ate our packed lunch. We soon heard the procession returning and we watched the many floats, bands, acrobats and vehicles, who despite the weather were all in excellent spirits – from cheerleaders to armed Marines and pork farmers many of whom “Hi-Fived” our scouts as they watched and cheered them from the kirb-side.

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2009-11-06 – Leigh-Pack Fireworks & Investature

1386-0812-2217-3633ist2_6389510-hot-dogThis evening the Leigh Cub pack celebrated with fireworks, outdoor games and a feast of hot-dogs. This was a great night for young Jack who was invested in to the Leigh-Pack.

The evening also saw a presentation to Debbie Cameron of a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and a montage of photo’s from the cubs she has worked with over the years. Debbie has now moved on to pursue other interests outside of scouting so it was important the boys gave her a good send off.


2009-11-01 – Beavers’ Chief Scout Bronze Award

bronze awardBeavers from Peacock and Philpott colonies attended a district presentation at Stone today to receive their Chief Scout Bronze Award.   

This is the highest award available to  Beaver Scouts and is gained by completing the following challenges: Creative, Fitness, Friendship, Global, Outdoor & Promise

Congratulations to you all on your fantastic achievement – your leaders and everyone at the 5th Dartford Scout Group are exceptionally proud of your efforts.

Beaver Cheif Scout Bronze Award