777 – 2011-03-26 – Update from Alex

“I have been getting on with the rowing and basic fitness programme that Mal and I put together and have so far managed to get all the sessions in. My main complaint would be blisters on my hands but hopefully now they have formed hard pads it should become a lot easier. The weather here is creeping up to 30 degrees and is pleasant unless you are out and about working at different locations.

Mal and I are now beginning the process of organising flights and working out key timings so that we keep on schedule. We are aiming to keep all runs below 5 hours.”


2011-03-25 – Leigh Pack Climbing

Tonight, the 5th Dartford Scout group’s Leigh-Pack cubs had a climbing session booked for them by Akela John.  Several members of the Kent Scout Mountaineering Team turned out to assist with what was for many of the youngsters their first climb.  Notably, there were a couple of natural climbers in the number of young people who made several different ascents to ring the bells up top with ease.

2011-03-19 – District Cross Country Race

Today, members from all sections of the 5th Dartford Scout Group turned out to compete in the Annual District Cross Country race at Canada Heights, on what has probably been the most glorious, sunny day of the year thus far. 

Our competeing boys and girls put in a 100% effort today, many of whom have never run in a cross-country event before.  They should all take a bow and be commended on their achievement regardless of the final results, which we’ve listed below.

Team events:

6-7yrs – Beavers – 5th Peacock-colony – 1st place.

7-8yrs – Beavers – 5th Phillpot-colony – 3rd place.

8-9yrs – Cubs – 5th Leigh-pack – 3rd place.

9-10yrs – Cubs – 5th Collins-pack – 1st place.

Individual events:

6-7yrs – Beavers – Harry – 5th Peacock-colony – 2nd place.

6-7yrs – Beavers – Jack – 5th Phillpot-colony – 4th place.

7-8yrs – Beavers – Oscar – 5th Phillpot-colony – 3rd place.

9-10yrs – Cubs – Ted (1st),  Jack (2nd), Sean (3rd)

Under 12yrs – Scouts – James – 3rd place.

A big thank you to all the members and family who took the time to turn out and support the 5th today.


2011-03-17 – Collins visit Dartford Fire Station

On 17th March, The 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Collins cub pack including 32 Cubs, 1 Beaver, 1 Scout & 2 future Beavers invaded Dartford fire station.

We started with an explanation from Dave on how the Fire Station works and a quick briefing on safety around the station. Then Blue Watch gave the Cubs a guided tour of one of Dartford’s Fire Engines, showing us a fantastic display of what equipment is used by Fire Fighters and where it is stored on the Fire Engine. Jack one of our Cubs was given the opportunity to be kitted out in the full Fire Fighters Protective Uniform to demonstrated what is worn during the day to day duties that the crew perform.

Everyone got the opportunity to sit in the Fire Engine and were shown the lights and sirens. Then came the highlight of the night when the Cubs and Leaders were allowed to use the Fire hose to put out imaginary fires.

I would like to say a big Thank You to Tracy, Kimberley and Kay for their help with escorting the young people around the station and to the parents for transporting them to the station.

Michelle Watts (Collins Pack)

And…………. some video of the event too………

2011-03-05 – Scout Climbers Badge Day

Today, the 5th Dartford Scout Group held a Scout climbing day for members of the Earley & Burne Scout troops and representatives of the 9th Dartford Scout Group. The day started at 09:30 with 21 Scouts ready to learn about the knots, equipment and safety aspects before the afternoon’s practical session. 

After lunch, the wall was divided in to 7 climbs of varying difficulty and 1 abseil.  In order to qualify, each Scout had to complete 4 different climbs (incl 1 difficult climb) and the abseil. Working in pairs and supervised by permitted instructors, the Scouts took it in turn to either climb or belay having fitted their own harnesses, belay systems and safety knots.

I am pleased to announce that every scout completed the required number of climbs and was awarded the activity badge. 

A special mention must be made to 3 Scouts in particular (1 from each troop) who despite their obvious fear of heights were able to muster the courage with the support of everyone on the ground.  This is what makes us Scouts!

A big thanks to all the leaders and instructors who gave their time on the day to make this course happen.


2011-03-03 – R.N.L.I visit Philpott Beavers

To help with the water safety part of their Safety Badge, Terry a volunteer with the R.N.L.I. visited the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s Philpott Beavers on their colony night. He showed them a short but very informative film, taught them the differences in the colours of the flags flown on beaches and their meanings and what to do in an emergency. Bearded Beaver was asked to put on a set of the crews protective clothing (much to his delight) and all the boys were given Lifeboat stickers.

As a ‘Thank you’ the Beavers all brought some 10p’s to make a silver river across the hall, which, when counted up at the end totaled £36.60 and this was presented to Terry to pass on, on our behalf to the R.N.L.I.