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Annual Report – April 2009 – March 2010

Another fun-packed, busy year has been had by Peacock Beavers, which has a full compliment of 24 eager Beavers.

We have done many activities within the colony night, Winter Olympics, games, crafts and attended many outside events including JOTT, Carnival, Panto’ and Healthy Eating at Fleetdown School.

Peacock Beavers have achieved many activity badges; you only have to look on the boys’ uniforms to see how hard they have worked, with 8 boys achieving the highest award a Beavers Scout can gain, the Chief Scout Bronze award, so well done to all those boys who have now moved onto the Leigh Cub Scout pack.

Debbie and I have attended many training weekends and continue to do so, to keep up on the ever-increasing changes in Scouting and I should like to take this opportunity to thank Debbie for her continued and valued support with  all the badge work and craft ideas that keep on coming week after week.

Also, I would like to say thank you to the other Leaders that have helped stand in when I have attended camps and other Scouting events. The boys and girls that come down are a valuable source of energy, so thank you to them, and also to Jim, my ever so understanding husband, who has helped (maybe a new pair of marigolds may come in handy though).

All that remains for me to say is that I hope the support given by you, the parents, continues and the boys carry on enjoying themselves because, without this, there would be no Peacock Beavers or 5th Dartford Scout Group.

Maggie Lilleycrop (Peacock Beaver Leader)


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How do I join Beaver Scouts?

If you would like to take part in the fun of Beaver Scouting at 5th Dartford as a young person then please visit our Join Us page or if you would like to find out about becoming an occasional helper or leader, please visit our Contact Us page.

When should I buy my uniform?

Before buying a uniform, new Beaver Scouts should visit us for a few weeks to be sure they like scouting. Once the young person, parents and Auntie Beaver are confident that the young person is enjoying scouting, they will be invited to become a member and invested. The young person will then be required to wear a uniform for the ceremony and thereafter.

Where can I buy my uniform?

Your official Beaver Scout uniform is the same wherever you buy it, but you may well find it cheaper and more convenient to purchase from the shop at Dartford district Scout House in Broomhill Rd, DA1 3HT, which is usually open on Monday evenings between 19:00 and 21:00.

Alternativly, uniforms can be bought locally from TFS Schoolwear, 45 Spital Street, Dartford, DA1 2DX or John Lewis or online from the scout-and-guide-shop or indeed on ebay, where both new and preowned bargains can be had.

Where do I put all my badges?


What is the Beaver Scout Motto?

Be Prepared.

What is the Beaver Scout Promise?

I promise to do my best

To be kind and helpful.

And to love God.

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