2011-10-20 – 777 Blog – Day 4

Day 4 – German Marathon:

As we departed from Austria and entered Germany it became apparent that a rapid change of plan was necessary, due to the time it was taken to get between cities.  It was decided that by moving to Bergen (Germany) and running near Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp instead of Nuremberg and switching Luxembourg for Belgium we would initially do a longer journey but then be left with much shorter time in the car. 

We arrived in Bergen at 03:00hrs left our kit and equipment in the car and with a quick shower, post marathon, retired to bed.  After a lie in and quick breakfast we kitted up and were ready to begin the German marathon by 12:30hrs.  At this stage, neither of us were keen to run but realised that the sooner we started the sooner we would finish, with this in mind we juddered into our stride.  The initial route out followed a painted line symbolising the walk that the Jewish communities made from there arrival at the Bergen rail head to Belsen Concentration Camp.  Quotes from survivors were painted next to the line which helped put into perspective our relatively small and temporary suffering.  This run was much easier than yesterdays as I think our minds are beginning to accept that our bodies are hurting and it is not going to change.  We are no longer excepting that we can not keep below 4 hours 30 mins, we did however manage to achieve 4 hours 33 mins, happy with that.

Current status – 4 legs in deeper stages of deterioration, 2 swollen and bruised ankles………….no scrub all that everything below the knees hurts!