2011-10-21 – 777 Blog – Day 5

Day 4 – Belgium Marathon:

The most miserable day so far began with a 6 hour drive from Germany to Oostende in Belgium.  Once into Belgium we headed straight to the sea front of Oostende with the intention of running the 26 miles along the coastline towards France.  Running along a seemly never-ending costal route made this leg the most mentally challenging of the 5 marathons so far.  It seemed impossible to visualise the end and this had a negative effect on morale throughout.  Progress was slow and I must admit that we had to stop to ‘get a grip of ourselves’ on several occasions.  During this leg we hardly spoke to each other and were seldom close together, preferring to focus on individual thoughts which seemed to be largely based around the pains in our joints and legs.  We finished in a very upmarket Belgium town called Neiwport for some chips and Overall it was good to get this one down and get on to France.