2011-10-27 – Beavers Halloween Party

This year we welcomed Edwards Beavers to our joint Philpott & Peacock Colonies Beaver Halloween Party. In total 34 Beavers turned up dressed as Ghosts, Ghouls, Vampires and Witches along with 9 Leaders who also dressed for the occasion.

Traditional games were played such as getting Doughnuts from a string using only their teeth, Apple Bobbing, Sweets from a plate of flour, Matching Spooky pictures and the ever popular Halloween Story game Oooh Spooky!! 

Spidery Cakes, Ghostly Biscuits, Creepy Crisps were all washed down with Witches Brew; and each Beaver had a Trick or Treat bag to take home. 

All good fun and nice to see all three Beaver Sections together.