2017-06-22 – Philpott RNLI Visit

R.N.L.I. visit Philpott Beavers  Thursday 22nd June 2017

On one of the hottest days this year Terry Smith from the R.N.L.I visited Philpott Beaver Colony and showed the boys a short video about the Lifeboats followed by an interactive talk on Water Safety especially when on the beach.

The boys were kept enthralled for over an hour with the exception of a much needed quick 5 minute refreshment break. Terry then gave each lad books, stickers and leaflets to take home.

As a Thank you the Beavers brought in all their 10 pence pieces and made a silver river which meandered across the hall. The grand total of just over £65 was presented to Terry for the R.N.L.I which relies solely on donations to keep up the excellent work they do.

Well done boys for your generosity and your impeccable behavior.

Auntie Beaver