2011-10-18 – 777 Blog – Day 2

The alarm sounded at 04:30 and when 3 sets of sleepy eyes opened, except Matt who completely chinned it off!  After a quick look round Al stated the opposite of what we were thinking, “Are we looking good to go?” As the eyes met it was clear that we were all exhausted with the travelling, lack of sleep and sore legs.  With only one hours travel time to Vienna for the next marathon it was quickly decided  that we would sleep till 09:00.

After breakfast we were set to go and in relatively short order and after a few team photo’s we falteringly stepped into something that represented a run. We both limped along forcing the blood to move around our legs, shaking out the kinks from the day before.  We were looking forward to running the newly planned route along the edge of the River Danube, and not along the howling cobbles of Prague and were both hoping for a more pleasant experience. As soon as we started along the tow path we could see we had made the right decision a smooth surface with no serious navigational dramas or  mist.  We actually were surprised and felt relatively comfortable. The route offered some amazing sights, Devin Castle, the River and some small mountains.  A good route choice takes the edge off a  growing psychological battle.  We were happy to get a time of 4 hours 19 mins, 21 mins faster than yesterday.

Current status – 4 sore legs, 1 blister taking shape and one sore ankle, Matt’s sore bottom has now made it onto his boxer shorts!