2019-04-12 – Easter Camp ’19

A week earlier than we usually camp for Easter, and we paid for it with a bitter chill in the air, but for the 19 Scouts, 4 Explorers and 9 leaders who ventured to Downe Scout Activity Centre on the Friday, there was a packed program of activities centered on backwards cooking and adventure.

It had been some 10 years since we’d visited Downe and found the facilities up on the training field to be in very good order, with modern toilets and showers and an excellent supply of felled and fallen wood, with which we were able to turn in to the vast supply of firewood needed to sustain the weekend’s cooking, which is far better explained in the gallery below than through text…. The young adventurers were also able to partake in axe throwing, crate stacking, wide games, axe and saw craft, firelighting, the making of various types of turbo ovens and the old favourite….. How many Scouts can we get in a telephone box 😉