2016-12-04 – 100th Birthday Celebration

happy-birthday[1]This weekend the 5th Dartford Scout Group celebrated its Centenary – 100 years of continuous Scouting, where not even war could stop us….

Many thanks to Lyn Medcalf for arranging and coordinating the celebratory dinner at Hesketh Park pavilion, which was attended by Gareth Johnston MP &  the Deputy Mayor of Dartford, leaders past and present, supporters and former Scouts from throughout our history.  It was a really good evening and a great opportunity to share memories and stories.  We enjoyed a fabulous Hog-Roast supper and a great live band.

In excess of £400 was raised in the raffle, which had some fantastic prises, so a massive thanks to all who donated and supported the raffle.

Special thanks to Explorers/Young Leaders George, James and George for selling the raffle tickets and clearing down the tables.  A big thanks also to Kay for the wonderful boards with mounted photos for all to enjoy and to Lynn for the very special Centenary calendars.

On Sunday we mustered at the hall at 10am to parade our colours to Dartford Methodist Church, where we were welcomed once again by the congregation for a special birthday service, where we were joined by the Mayor and Lady Mayor of Dartford.  The service was delivered in a most entertaining manor and enjoyed by all.  Paul summarised the year and forward plans and the Mayor spoke of how he enjoyed our events and, whilst he wouldn’t be here for the next hundred years, hoped that we would.  Readings were eloquently made by Scouts Megan, Danny and Callum and Samuel received his 2nd Chief Scout Gold Award.

Our Dartford Masonic awards for ‘Best Scout’ were this year presented to Ella Ferris of the Phillips Cub Pack and Callum Scorey of the Earley Scout Troop.

Wendy took time to present our new Centenary Necker badge, which was chosen by John and Marrion White at our AGM earlier in the year. John and Marrion also joined us for the meal and our church service.  The badge, which was designed by Ashley Hurd, has now been turned in to the actual badges and will be given to each member at their section night this next week.

Paul was presented with a donation from the congregation, towards our New Hall fund, and a framed letter received from Buckingham Palace in response to a letter written by Mrs Rose of the congregation, who had thoughtfully written to the Queen to mark our centenary – a truly wonderful and thoughtful gesture; thank you all for making us so welcome once again.   

After the service, we were invited to stay for tea and fairy cakes, which were enjoyed immensely by all who partook before we paraded back to the hall to be dismissed.

As is traditional, all who attend the parade and church service are eligible to attend a subsidised celebration in the afternoon and this year all sections celebrated together at FlipOut Trampoline Centre in Chatham.  Kay O’Brien took on the arrangement of this activity and there were @ 110 of us all in and we enjoyed over 2 hours of continuous bouncing, soft drinks, frozen ice drinks, pizza, crisps and cake… don’t forget the cakes.  Thanks to all of the staff and Management at FlipOut who really couldn’t have made us more welcome.  A few pictures are included in the gallery below and more will be added as they are recieved.

Happy Birthday 5th Dartford…..