2011-01-16 – District Beavers 25th Birthday Party

On Sunday 16th January 2011¬†Dartford District held a Grand Birthday Party to celebrate 25 years of Beavers. (Although both the 5th Dartford Scout Groups’¬†Philpott & Peacock colonies will be celebrating 26 Years as we were the pilot colonies in Dartford and started a year earlier).

The party was held at Fleet Estate Community Centre and 108 Beavers attended in all of which 17 were from Philpott Beavers.

Oh what fun we had!! A brilliant afternoon thanks to the entertainer called ‘Travis’ who kept all the Beavers enthralled for over two hours. They started off making party hats, then lots of dancing games, colony games of trying to get balls in buckets and the biggest Conga you’ve ever seen. We broke half way through when the children were all given a goodie bag filled with crisps, sweets, cake, drink etc. A large flag was made with every Beaver and Leader present leaving a painted silver hand print on it accompanied by their name. This is to be flown at every Beaver event throughout the year. Then a large Birthday cake with candles was brought out and after the candles were blown out every Beaver got a piece to take home.

One of the best Beaver events I have ever been to and for those who didn’t attend its a shame as you really missed out on lots of fun.

Thanks from Philpott Beavers to all the Leaders involved in the organisation of such an entertaining afternoon.

Auntie Beaver