2012-06-01/05 – District Jamboree – Walton Firs

Exhausted and full of tales of adventure is probably the best way to describe the state of the 5th Dartford Scout Group’s young members as they returned from the Dartford District Diamond Jubilee Jamboree (3DJ2) at Walton Firs Activity Centre.  Over 700 district Scouters attended, most of whom slept under canvas and with 80 odd being from the mighty 5th. 

Some old friends were missed on this camp, but many new friends were made and old friendships rekindled.

Activities, which were all run by the the leaders from within our own district, included Archery, Target Shooting, Caving, Crate Stacking, Climbing, Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Backwoods skills and cooking and much, much more.  The camp record for crate stacking was set by one of our own Leigh-Pack cubs at 26 crates and for the third consecutive time, we retained our dominance in the cardboard canoe race with a very convincing victory in a craft designed by Paul, fashioned by Brett Funnell & John Butler and captained by Explorer Jack “Duracell Bunny” Hannah.

Having sucessfully linked, Joseph was presented with his Chief Scout Silver Award by GSL Paul as he left the Leigh-Pack to join the Earley-Troop as a Scout.

We can’t avoid the fact that the weather on this camp was wet and horrible, but the set-up and strike were favourable and with sufficient leaders taking time off work to get everything ready before the young folk arrived, there were no issues or surprises.

As with all camps, the focus was on the kids, but it can’t be done without the leadership team and none more so that those who run the kitchen and fuel the kids adventure. On behalf of everyone attending camp we thank Karen, Liz and Kay for preparing and cooking over 800 meals, serving over 300 pints of hot chocolate and for pampering the leaders and allowing us to crack on with the activities.  Ladies, we thank you!