2010-03-27 – Philpott Beavers 1st Sleepover

beaversThe first ever sleepover for the 5th Dartford scout group’s Philpott Beaver colony was held tonight at 1st tardisDartford Scout Hall.  6 Beavers arrived at 15:30 for an evening themed around Dr Who, where the young people made their own T.A.R.D.I.S and got a surprise visit from “The Master” aka GSL Paul Boreham in disguise.  Hot cross buns were cooked by the young adventurers over a camp fire; they prepared and peeled their own vegetables to eat with dinner and even did the washing up afterwards, albeit under duress.  There were games and fun aplenty with a sleeping bag race at 06:30 and the event finished at 09:30, with the youngsters begging the question “When can we do it again?”  Well Aunty Beaver, will it be soon? Do keep us posted.